Discover An Endless Luxe Feel With This Majestic Villa in Sharjah

Boca do Lobo and LUXXU partnered with Nada Shehab, a renowned interior designer from Cairo, to bring forth this majestic villa situated in the heart of Sharjah. When you think of placing your house in a place where it brims with culture and archaeological discovery, it’s only fair to make your decor match it. And this is how the majestic villa in Sharjah was born – the perfect culmination of both modern and classic styles. Today, Boca do Lobo Blog takes you on a tour of this unique house decor!

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As soon as you step inside this majestic villa, you’ll set foot on the entryway which instantly makes you aware of how harmoniously embedded is Nada Shehab‘s style with Boca do Lobo & LUXXU‘s masterpieces. The use of a patterned marble floor alongside wood slabs on the ceiling paints a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere so you can instantly relax as soon as you arrive with all stresses from the day.

Sharjah - luxury entryway with wood, golden and marble details, a golden set of three mirrors and a black and golden console

Halo Mirror by Boca do Lobo adds a flair of personality as well as increases the illusion of depth of the entryway itself. In comparison to the other divisions, the entryway features the standard ceiling height to help with the warm ambience and gives an opening to have a glimpse of both the living room and the dining room.


Composed of a set of three mirrors, it allows different displays and creative settings.

Sharjah - golden set of three mirrors

Sharjah - golden set of three mirrors details
Sharjah - golden set of three mirrors details
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With such a breathtaking space, it’s hard to resist the urge to just sit down and unwind immediately! Having floor-to-ceiling windows help bring a lot of natural light which is a must within Sharjah. Known for its embodiment of cultural diversity and history, Nada Shehab wanted to bring that representation inside.

Sharjah - luxury entryway with a view to the dining and living room, marble floor, golden and wood details

That was achieved by using a variety of luxurious materials, keeping the marble floors but this time changing them to black to contrast the light ceiling and give emphasis to the astonishing ceiling lamps hanging above.

Sharjah - luxury living room with three nude sofas, four grey armchairs, golden details, marble floor and a golden mirror design

The wood elements were kept on the walls while the pieces complement it all by featuring a plethora of unique and exquisite materials.

Sharjah - two nude sofas, a white center table, two grey armchairs, wood wall and two golden decor on the wall

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Going to the other side of the first floor, we are immediately greeted by a grand and distinctive dining room. Upon gazing into it, you can instantly recognize how it was made to demonstrate how Sharjah itself is committed to preserving and restoring its heritage. It’s known as the Pearl Gulf for a reason.

Sharjah - marble floor, luxury dining room, nude dining chairs and a exquisite mirror on the wall with a marble fireplace

Seeking to revitalize and at the same time give you the spirit of adventure that is all over Sharjah, this dining room features duality at its best.


Newton’s Mirror is a standout piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms.

Sharjah - golden mirror design with futuristic forms
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We can spot a beautiful marble fireplace that also contributes to the contrast and that has both the Lapiaz Table Lamp and Newton Mirror by Boca do Lobo, which are direct representations of the historical documentation and are artefacts that Sharjah’s museums and monuments retell the stories of the city’s past with.

Sharjah - marble floor, luxury dining room, nude dining chairs and a exquisite mirror on the wall with a marble fireplace
Sharjah - marble floor, luxury dining room, nude dining chairs and a exquisite mirror on the wall with a marble fireplace

This table lamp features a cylindrical stainless steel base with an organic feature achieved through the manual fitting of golden brass.

Sharjah - white and golden table lamp

Sharjah - white and golden table lamp
Sharjah - white and golden table lamp

Stay With Us To More Luxe Inspirations In Sharjah!

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