The Impressive Beauty of Europe’s Abandoned Buildings

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“Quattro” (2015) – This image was taken in a large abandoned asylum in Italy.

“Krankenhaus” (2014) – This sanatorium had been abandoned for almost 15 years when Soden visited it.

“Parquet” (2015) – According to Soden’s website, this asylum opened in the 1850s, and was originally named as the Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

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The Impressive Beauty of Europe's Abandoned Buildings

“Fin de Priere” (2015) – “I like the fact they’re hidden spaces that not many people know about,” she says. This abandoned church, in a small Belgian town was particularly difficult to get to — Soden had to crawl through a shattered glass window.

abandoned buildings

“Ivy” (2015) – This photo was taken in an abandoned Italian hospital, where ivy was taking over the central courtyard. “For me, it’s about the historical importance of the buildings,” she explained, “and capturing the grandeur and decadence of these places — before they waste away.”

abandoned buildings“Badekultur” (2015) – Closed in 2004 due to structural issues, these swimming baths were originally built around 1910. The architecture has elements of typical art nouveau style.
abandoned buildings

Over the last six years, London-based photographer Gina Soden has photographed some of European’s most beautiful derelict buildings. Her list of locations includes everything from asylums to schools and power stations and each building is in a precarious state, and face an uncertain future.

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The Impressive Beauty of Europe's Abandoned Buildings

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