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in-stock list by boca do lobo
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A  stunning dining room for gathering with our loved ones!

modern dining room with wood dining table, nude and gold chairs, and a gold chandelier
modern dining room with wood dining table, nude and gold chairs, and a gold chandelier

 And nothing better than sharing a meal with the lights of the Supernova Chandelier and eating on top of the Metamorphosis Dining Table!

living room with a nde cream sofa and a wooden center table

The Empire center table symbolizes generations of gatherings and decisions, both in times of celebration or tension. The elegant round center table is built from mahogany wood and features an exquisite polished brass surface detail. Its cracks are hand carved and inserted through polished brass sheets, which are hand hammered for a unique and organic finish.

living room with white and gold decor
living room with white and gold decor

A white and gold decor with luxurious details. Odette Sofa and Hera Suspension Lamp gave a calm vibe to this unique space.

green dining room with a white marble dining table and gold dining chairs

The perfect dining room inspiration with our Pietra Oval XL Estremoz Dining Table! Designed for eight seats, the contemporary feel of Pietra is effortlessly stylish and it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

dining room with a wooden and gold dining table, blacdk and gold chairs, and black diamond sideboard

Following a modern and elegant aesthetic, this design by Taj Designs has the presence of the Nº11 Dining Chairs, Diamond Sideboard, the stunning Hera Round Suspension Lamp, and the Hera Round I Suspension Lamp!

living room with a green sofa and a gold chandelier
living room with a green sofa and a gold chandelier

In one word, how would you describe this design?

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coffee tables by boca do lobo

The Marie Thérèse mirror is named after the eldest daughter of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. A true art piece, that brings a wonderful classic touch to any room! Already in love?

green mirror - in-stock

What a great way to enter a home with this glamorous entryway decor, with the Venice Mirror that stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye.

Hand cut and carved by an experienced artisan whose a passion for glasswork goes back as far as his childhood, Venice represents Boca do Lobo’s ambition to bring value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design.

entryway with a black and gold sideboard

Voltaire Sideboard will impress anyone with good taste, perfect for any room in your house! Ready to elevate your home interior design?

dar reception area with the infinity console- in-stock by boca do lobo

Boca do Lobo’s furniture exhales style, grace and luxury and this is undoubtedly the case for the Infinity console, a fascinating and exclusive piece. Ready to elevate your home decor? 

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