Inside The HBA Residential’s New Interior Design Project in Beijing

Based in London and Singapore, HBAHirsch Bedner Associates – is actually the largest hospitality interior design studio in the world. This design team carries a unique combination of boutique approach and global reach to private clients and developers of elite private villas, penthouses, luxury buildings, and finest residences. Today, Boca do Lobo Blog takes a look at one outstanding and avant-garde interior design project located in Beijing, China: an incredible and marvelous apartment with contemporary interior design!
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From India and Russia to Africa and China, this is one of the most incredible interior design projects by HBA.  This modern yet contemporary apartment is located in Beijing and really showcases the HBA Residential expertise. As a renowned architecture and interior design firm, HBA provides a combination of contemporary design, unparalleled quality control, and huge service and capture the client’s style as well as the latest interior design trends, developing a unique relationship in order to provide an authentic luxury design experience: this unique interior project in Beijing was no exception. Inside The HBA Residential's New Interior Design Project in Beijing This Avant-garde interior design project color scheme can be quite a controversial: some warm color tones like the peach, gold, and white were mixed with cold color shades such as the multiple tones of blue and purple. About the modern furniture pieces used, all of the luxury apartment decors feature classic contemporary designs. However, the main attention by HBA design team is focused on the unique lighting fixtures, such as the living room crystal chandelier or the blue and crystal suspension lamp placed on the dining room. See also: Boca do Lobo ’s Legacy Magazine: Discover This New Special Edition

    Console Table GIF Boca do Lobo ICFF New York 2019 – Boca do Lobo's Highlights from The First Days This new interior design project in Beijing showcases HBA’s know-how, the decoration reproduces a warm and serene mood that is further enhanced by soft colors and complemented by the abundance of natural lighting the division receive. Throughout the unique design interiors, it is possible to get amazed by outstanding sculptures with a modern design, aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures, western styled furnishings and a neutral palette with unique pops of bright colors, textures, and fabrics. Besides this, every well-appointed detail with an exclusive design by HBA team offers luxury and comfort in every space of the luxury house. See also: Boca do Lobo ’s Legacy Magazine: Discover This New Special Edition

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