Inside Tom Dixon’s Showroom Space in New York

Tom Dixon, the master designer, and entrepreneur has opened the doors to his new showroom space in both New York and London and has unveiled his studio’s newest pieces to boot.

In New York, the studio now calls an ample 6,700 sq ft area in Soho home. Expand out over two floors on Greene Street, in an area known for its furniture stores, the high-ceilinged retail location has been created into unique areas devoted to fragrance, accessories, lighting, and luxury furniture to surely showcase how much the collections have improved.

‘It feels almost a bit too grown-up,’ says Tom Dixon. ‘But it’s also part of what we are doing in London as well, which is moving up to the next level. We’ve now got enough to show off what it is we do.’

Tom Dixon adds, ‘Up until now we’ve mostly been wholesale so this is about a direct connection with customers, whether they are professionals or walk in off the street. I try to make as little distinction as possible. I want to have things available and some action, some activity.’

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Taking influence from its London relocation to a headquarters in Kings Cross, Tom Dixon’s New York position is perceived as a flexible platform. It will receive lectures, collection launches, possibly even a discotheque someday soon.

The showroom will host a pop-up version of Dixon’s popular ‘Flash Factoryinstallation, which was thought to showcase the building method behind his flat-packed ‘Etch’ light. Visitants can come to see how a special limited edition variant of the light is assembled, which they can then tote home.

Downstairs, cozy environs serve as an ideal area for architects, interior designers, and commercial clients to talk, debate and make decisions.

‘Soho is a better backdrop for everything to breathe,’ concludes Dixon

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Inside Tom Dixon’s Showroom Space in New York (2)

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Inside Tom Dixon’s Showroom Space in New York (1)

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