Lori Margolis Interiors – Best Design Firms in New York City

New York City has some of the best design firms on the planet, and behind them, one can find great minds who create timeless spaces, give body to wishes and visions and make our dreams come true. New York City, known for being one of the main capital cities in fashion, art and design, has a vibrant and groundbreaking visual scene that inspires these minds, leading them to create amazing interior design inspirations.

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Lori Margolis Interiors

We bring you what we consider to be some of the best design firms in New York City. Today it’s Lori Margolis Interiors’ turn, a design firm that is responsible for modern and sophisticated interior design projects. The city that never sleeps is naturally edgy and does not settle for anything other than excellence. New York has outstanding and luxurious interior design projects!

This New York-based design firm lives for interior design. Lori Margolis, the founder, has a passion for everything beautiful and one can say interior design runs in her veins. Raised by her mother, an interior designer herself, Lori Margolis grew up with an appreciation for visual arts and interior design.

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There was no lack of inspiration, as she was exposed to influences from all over the world. After college, she used her degree in business and law to build a successful career, always pursuing her love for vintage and glamour. The interior designer actually began her career in the fashion industry, curating vintage couture. Her talents in creating an eclectic glamour were noticed by the New York Elite and she was featured in many renowned publications such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Gotham Magazine, The New York Times, and Hamptons Magazine.

Before having her own design firm, Lori Margolis also collaborated with some of Hollywood’s most notorious stylists in creating vintage glamour for the Sex and the City movie, and television shows, such as Ugly Betty. All this led her to start curating vintage furnishings and home accessories and, Lori Margolis Interiors was born.

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The design firm is now one of the most creative companies in New York City, responsible for incredible commercial and residential interior design projects. Lori Margolis’ love for everything vintage is still very much alive to this day. Her interior design projects reflect exactly that: a distinct eclectic, sophisticated and high fashion artistic flair. The interior designer combines glamour and function in the most exquisite way, creating spaces that are beautiful and sophisticated, but still meant to be lived and enjoyed.

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Inspired by Swan Lake Op. 20, a ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Odette Sofa tells the story of a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. 

Lori Margolis Interiors – Best Design Firms in New York City

Its sweeping silhouette is accentuated with a polished brass structure and an asymmetric back that offers a sophisticated design and timeless appeal.

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Park Avenue Apartment, Bridgehampton Home, New Jersey Beach House and I am Cait are some of the most outstanding residential interior design projects by the design firm.

Combining contemporary design with vintage pieces, the spaces created by the design firm are truly unique. Lori’s distinctive vision and personal trademark, eclectic glamour, are very much present in her interior designs. Soft colour palettes come together with designer furniture and unique collectables. In her interiors, mid-century decor meets contemporary art, nature-like elements meet bold furnishings, and soft colours meet audacious patterns… Lori Margolis creates incomparable interior design inspirations!

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Lori Margolis Interiors – Best Design Firms in New York City
Bridgehampton Home
Source: Lori Margolis
Click on this unique center table if you’re in search of a similar look:

Fully made of polished casted brass, with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of a home.

Lori Margolis Interiors – Best Design Firms in New York City

The design firm has also worked in commercial interior design projects. One of its best examples is the collaboration with Hain Celestial, a New York-based food company. Lori is a brilliant interior designer and even in workspaces made for bigger audiences, she can still create inspiring, warm, and homey environments.

Lori Margolis Interiors is a design firm with a clear vision and impeccable aesthetic taste. Lori’s trained eye for everything beautiful allows her to come up with some of the best interior design projects in New York City! She is a design inspiration maker!

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