Monochrome Console: A Demonstration of Imagination And Strong Design

Wanting to express the absoluteness of craftsmanship and the passion to create art, Boca do Lobo envisaged a piece of furniture different from any other that preexists. And the Monochrome Console was born with the best of circumstances, proving that the outcome of an architectural and designing thinking can be impressive.



A demonstration of both imagination and strong design skills, combined with exceptional craftsmanship, created a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting. The Monochrome Console expresses a leading edge outlook through its distinct shape and color palette, encouraging the viewer to immerse oneself in the infinite color alone and to experience its evocations.


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Βy freeing the mind of material considerations, Boca do Lobo pushes us towards a dynamic concept of curvy lines and smooth moves, symbolic perhaps, of the sky and the sea, that render different aesthetics to the living space with a fierce, yet discreet, presence. The Monochrome Console is built from three separate modules and features a unique shape. Available in electric blue, purple or golden lacquer finish, with a high gloss varnish coat, the Monochrome transmits attitude and spine.

All in all, despite its capacity to exploit the power of imagination and prevision, the Monochrome Family does not forget its unique character and keeps on bringing inspiration in the artwork.


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