Paris Luxury Apartment – A Design Project by Piet Boon Studio

Piet Boon is one of the most important and iconic designers of our time and belongs to most famous Dutch architects and best interior designers. Together with Karin Meyn his creative director, this top interior designer leads his own team of designers, interior designers, and architects, effecting interior architecture projects with a unique design around the world for a constantly growing group of clients.

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Today, we bring to you one of the most remarkable developments. Take a look at one special interior design projects made by him and by his team: the Paris Luxury Apartment. Designed In turquoise tones, this modern master bedroom is a portrait of luxuriant tranquility.

Besides being a top interior designer not only in the Netherlands but also internationally, Piet Boon is also a design inspiration, because, during his career, he creates his own collection of contemporary furniture and home designs to provide answers and requests and as well, builds modern interior designs.

His long career was inspired by a desire to combat a lack of functionality in today’s designs and to create solutions that are both useful and attractive. His appreciation for simplicity is no doubt a seal of Dutch design.

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Creating a quiet backdrop free of dissonance to facilitate accent colors, Piet Boon Studio chose to use a subdued color palette throughout this entire luxury home. The design team then grouped the client’s collection of artworks and accessories by color, placing them in the various spaces, and gave each room its own accent color, such as red, purple or yellow.

With no concession on the quality of materials used, this residence truly represents what makes Studio Piet Boon so unique: the ability to create understated luxury and deliver a harmonious living experience. What’s more, the owners’ love for beautiful materials and art objects is evident throughout what really has become a home.

In this luxurious Paris apartment imagined by Piet Boon, understated lovely and sophisticated interior design converge and set a tone of tranquility: at this contemporary apartment, all the design plan involved spotlighting a particular color in each room.

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