Secrets from Portugal: a Guide for the Finest Places

Secrets from Portugal, a Guide for the Finest Places – Secrets from Portugal is a special edition, launched by luxury and interior design magazine CovetED. This is the first number of the Secrets Collection, that was made out to be a complete and collectible guide about the hidden treasures of each country. Get a copy!

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In three years, CovetED Magazine has published about the most prestigious projects, products and experiences all around the world, from the phenomenal Plaza Athénée Paris to the renowned Alain Ducasse restaurant, to the recent Faena Hotel in Miami, as well as countless others.

This year, CovetED Magazine launches a special edition both in Portuguese and English regarding Portugal. SECRETS FROM PORTUGAL is truly an exceptional issue with the mission of providing to the world the best in the world of design, luxury, craftsmanship, restaurants, hotels, gastronomy and the finest places in Portugal.

This magazine tells us that Portugal has a lot more to offer than just beaches and sun, history, and music concerts. It’s, above all, a unique touristic experience you must not miss because in Portugal you can experience just about anything. The magazine wants this edition to be a source of pride to every Portuguese person and a luxury guide for those who will visit Portugal.


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