The Clive Wilkinson Superdesk reinvents office space

Clive Wilkinson Architects has been known for its influential approach to designing for the office landscape. For a long time now they’ve been collaborating with large corporations to develop workplace environments that cultivate a positive atmosphere for employees, while also responding to our changing social and technological needs. This is evidenced in the buzz inducing desk developed for the Barbarian Group‘s New York office. The ad agency requested of Clive Wilkinson Architects that they conceive a piece of furniture that facilitated interaction between their various departments, and that they did.


Superdesk5The resulting “Superdesk” resembles a skate park more than a work surface, curving across a horizontal path with intentional architectural interruptions which slope upwards to create archways, only to drop downwards again onto a level plane. These vaulted sections open up circulation throughout the office, with bench seating and smaller tables built into the structure, offering alternative areas for employees to sit and relax, or engage in discussion. The continuous line that the all-encompassing workstation creates forms a domain unrestricted by any formal walls, where various divisions flow into one another.

Superdesk7This courageous endeavour was fabricated in Los Angeles, in which automotive robots laser cut the MDF, plywood and plate steel components which were then flat-packed, shipped and built on-site in new york. the slotted construction is finished with a resin poured top forming a visually seamless line across the office. The 1,100-foot-long “Superdesk” seats all 125 employees of the agency in an open format (it is designed for up to 175).

Superdesk6 Superdesk7Is this your dream office or do you prefer something a little more private to engage your workflow? Tell us what you think about the “Superdesk” and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and now on Houzz


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