How to Add the Pantone’s New Fall Colors to Your Home

In order to get ready for the cold season that is coming, Boca do Lobo has selected some of the key pieces according to Pantone Colors and to what’s t come in the next year. Because when it comes to picking out what’s noteworthy, no one does it better than Pantone, that is constantly predicting color trends that set the tone for fashion, interior design, and so much more in our colorful world. Read on and find the best pieces to give a sense of luxury and exclusivity to your home decor.


Described as “cool and calming”, Riverside is a relaxing shade of blue that also has a vibrancy to it. Mirroring our favorite pair of denim, a flowing river in autumn, and our newest home accessory, Riverside is a versatile color that will undoubtedly be everywhere this fall.

Fall Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends from Pantone 10
Monochrome Console by BOCA DO LOBO
Sinatra Suspension Lamp by DELIGHTFULL



Airy Blue is just that. The designers wanted this shade of blue to evoke weightlessness, especially in contrast to a world full of conflict. Why would we not want to bring that into our homes and lives? Airy Blue was also chosen as a seasonal representative of the color of the year, Serenity.

Fall Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends from Pantone 8
Nº 11 Dining Chair by BOCA DO LOBO



Gray tones remain as stylish as ever, and this season’s Sharkskin is no exception. The color is vibrant enough to stand alone with its blue undertone, yet neutral enough to be used in any color combination for the season. To Pantone, the color “showcases practicality through a dependable but contemporary lens”. We agree.

Tulip Chair by KOKET


Every season needs a strong red, and Aurora Red embraces our favorite bold tone of fall. In comparison to the other colors found in this blue-based palette, Aurora red breaks through with passion and confidence. Like a bright lipstick or fast car, anything in this shade is impossible not to notice.

Fall Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends from Pantone 22 (2)



Of the two neutrals in the Top 10 Fall Collection, Warm Taupe is the earthier and more comfortable of the pair. This timeless color pairs well with both bright and muted seasonal favorites. Its warmth evokes “reassurance and stability” in a palette studded with cooler shades.

Fall Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends from Pantone 19
Empire Center Table by BOCA DO LOBO



If Airy Blue represents the fall hue of Serenity, Dusty Cedar is the collection’s Rose Quartz. Pantone describes this shade as “a fall and winter version of the Pinks we’re used to seeing in spring”. It also mirrors the popularity of the rose gold metal trend that has been popping up in fashion and interior design in the past few seasons.

Fall Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends from Pantone 16
Emporium Chair by Boca do Lobo


Emerald was Pantone’s 2013 Color of the year, and we see it represented in this color with a subtle blue undertone. Lush Meadow brings in the brilliance of natural green in a season of reds and oranges. This is a no brainer in our homes already — plants, plants, plants.

Diamond Emerald by Boca do Lobo



Pantone dubbed this color as the exotic one of the bunch, bringing to the table a “zestier” version of past season’s yellows. It’s a bright and energetic color, yet still feels right for the season with its rich base hue.

Gia Chandelier by Koket



Fall Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends from Pantone 12
Diamond Sideboard by Boca do Lobo

If this last color seems like a total curveball, it should. Pantone chose the purple hue Bodalicious as an unexpected fall color that “speaks to the gender fluidity we continue to see”. Though it seems drastic, the pinks and blues that make this shade allow it to coordinate surprisingly well with others this season.

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