Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors: Above And Beyond Opulent Design

With Kenneth Bordewick as a leading force for over a quarter-century, Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors has defined a completely new concept in the world of “Ultra Luxury” Design. Often referred to as “The Billion Dollar Designer” his range is founded on unparalleled magnificence in an atmosphere of professionalism and elegance. Kenneth‘s talent blended with the personal attention required to fully develop the perfection of spaces for living and working. Above all, it is this quality that has earned Kenneth the reputation of being the world’s leading luxury designer.

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This is one of our favorite projects from Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors. A complete remodel of a 1980’s kitchen into a space that is noteworthy with sub-zero stainless steel appliances jewel-like chandeliers, and a custom basement displaying the client’s wine collection.

“This kitchen stands out from the crowd with its bold appearance, yet is inviting, cozy and functional.”

Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors

Exotic ebony cabinetry and Lumix quartz countertops give the kitchen a contemporary yet refined and tailored look that is timeless.


Comfortable, timeless and elegant. Welcome to Coldwater Residence in Los Angeles. A place where you will find the perfect blend of timeless beauty and grace.

This contemporary yet modern two-story home is dressed up with custom furnishings and finishes. Following the “Ultra Luxury” concept created by Kenneth, this luxurious home features a high-ceilinged entry hall, elegant white Calacaltta floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and a custom wine closet.

Throughout the home, materials such as ebony Makassar wood, stainless steel cabinet frames, a selection of high-end tiles, designer wall coverings and custom cabinetry have been used by Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors.

Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors definitely goes above and beyond opulent design, don’t you agree? Besides all luxury interiors, this top interior design firm from L.A. also creates heartening and mesmerizing outdoor spaces.

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Hera Suspension Lamp


From classic to modern and eclectic styles, Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors are always raising the bar! In recent years, this firm has completed several luxury landscape projects in California and around the world. The main goal is to make the most of the landscape by creating unique spaces with comfortable furniture and memorable views. And they absolutely make it happen!

Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors‘ mission is the pursuit of perfection through luxury and beauty, whether by combining elements of elegance and glamour from the past with the intellect of the 21st century or by creating a contemporary space for the celebrity clientele of today.

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