Colour Combination Ideas For Your Dining Room Design

Not many rooms in your home can take a daring design, with bolder colours and designs, but given that a dining area is a place where you’ll typically spend segmented periods of time, we say go for it! Take some tips and tricks from these top interior designers, on how to combine different colours and ideas into your dining room design.

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Heavenly is the only way to describe a Leyla Uluhanli dining room design. The ivory dining room benefits from the subtle layering of off-whites from bluish to creamy whites, resulting in a perfectly timeless and distinguished space which suits its formal styling and graceful wall panelling. Contemporary dining chairs and abstract artwork offer a less traditional sensibility which counters the simpler dining room colour palette with a sense of progression.


A clever mix of gold, silver and white tones makes this Katharine Pooley-designed dining room colour scheme the interior equivalent of a jewellery box filled with glistening precious metals and pearls. The use of white walls and mouldings elevates the space beautifully, tying in the springtime beauty of the cherry blossom wallpaper and giving modernity to the decorative ceiling motifs. A delicate chandelier hangs overhead, offering an airy presence.


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In a landmark Victorian Italianate home, Australian designer Brendan Wong livens up a grey dining room colour scheme with a shot of lustrous emerald green. But the colour palette isn’t the only contrasting technique by the designer. Juxtaposing the traditional bones of the space, he adds modernity with iconic Atollo lamps in slick black, white high-gloss sideboards and a contemporary mirror above a classic black marble fireplace.


Dariel Studio uses a lush green and neutral dining room design in this ultra-modern riverside apartment. Offsetting the space’s sharp lines and contemporary shapes, the colour palette creates an unusually welcoming and homely vibe in such a modern space.


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When done incorrectly, contrasting dining room colour palettes can be a little overwhelming but, when done well, with carefully chosen colour pairings, suitable ratios and lots of neutrals to break up the colour intensity, their colours invigorate each other.

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Get Ready To Bring Luxury For Your Holiday Season

We love to see designers using warm and cool tones together in modern ways. In this dining room design, a saturated grey wallpaper is offset by golden brass tones and balanced with pale blush drapes and neutral upholstery. Textures are subtle but the rippled glass panes of the unique chandelier and the visually textured rug and Hermes-patterned roman shades add just enough.


Some of the most unique dining room designs are found in the world’s luxurious hotel restaurants. The burnt orange and turquoise contrast in the Langham Ningbo’s Ming Court proves that contrasting colour palettes can be elegant, the fireplace’s patinated metallic finish standing in contrast to the delicate turquoise hand-painted wallpaper. Monochrome chairs inspired by the ancient klismos prevents the look from becoming too lively, thus maintaining its refined atmosphere.


Again, the Langham displays its prowess in the form of the pearl blush and grey-white dining room colour scheme at its Sydney hotel’s Bistro Remy. Both on-trend and brilliantly enduring, the unexpected pink addition is nothing short of masterful. The bistro’s designers understood the importance of creating a fresh dining room design but using unconventional accent colours in areas that can be changed easily over time – the chairs can be switched out or reupholstered when needed. Using a warm wood table topped with a clean white stone provides a stylish compromise – it adds warmth to the grey-hued space and remains in keeping with the dining room design’s overall style.


Monochrome never goes out of style and, as this smart dining room colour palette of charcoal, white, black and silver proves, it’s one of the best choices for a sophisticated and subtly layered palette. New York interior designer Jennifer Post works double duty in this dining room design with two, almost identical dining arrangements. Bronze-based dining tables with a blackened patina by Jiun Ho anchor each surrounded by cut-out back chairs and topped with Sciolari-inspired chandeliers.


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Neutral and blue rooms have proven themselves a favourite of London homes for many years because of their timeless, unisex and calming nature. Channelling the city’s favoured colour palette, the dining room design of Oliver Burns’ Beau House project has dining chairs upholstered in a smart patchwork of satiny blue tones matched with soft brown sycamore wood and walnut-hued drapes. The result is mature and sophisticated – perfect for a bachelor pad or townhouse.


Rich layered purples transform this Taylor Howes dining room colour scheme into a decadent space fit for a sumptuous feast. Helena Bell, Director at Taylor Howes says, “The aubergine dining room colour scheme at [One Kensington Gardens] was a huge success. The richly textured dark purple wall covering, acts as a perfect backdrop for the crystal pendant which appears to float above the glossy lacquered mahogany table. Lots of polished and reflective materials create a feeling of glamour and opulence. Since the dining room was not for everyday use, it was important that the clients could wow their guests and provide an impressive talking point over lavish dinner parties and this dining room colour provided just the answer. This dining room was all about creating a boldly dramatic focal point within an otherwise light and spacious apartment that guests and owners alike will continue to talk about for years to come.

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