Equinox Hotel in New York: A Modern Design Project By Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang is a top interior designer who has a global portfolio and an international presence within the industry. Based in London and Hong Kong, Wang, and her team have the mission to carry joy to the spaces and to become a design inspiration. From luxury hotels to modern restaurants, Joyce Wang creates breathtaking and wonderful spaces that teleport all the design-lovers to a different time period, or to a peaceful oasis: Equinox Hotel in New York is one of these stunning interior design projects!


    Joyce Wang and Rockwell Group were responsible to build and design all the modern hotel. Rockwell Group designed the hotel’s luxury bedrooms and indoor-outdoor Electric Lemon modern restaurant by Stephen Starr, while London’s Joyce Wang created the spa and fitness club.

    According to Christopher Norton, the CEO of Equinox Hotels, about all the interior design project: “We find a balance between luxury and lifestyle.” At this social space, there are low tables with a unique design, modern chairs and exquisite rugs that help to create a propitious atmosphere to have a private conversation.


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    The reception area features a dynamic, striking wood plank pattern, with strained foil ceiling panels in gloss black. All the luxury hotel expresses a kind of hybrid lifestyle and features modern furniture pieces with an exclusive design like the angular sofas by Zaha Hadid in the sky lobby.


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    The expensive hotels presidential luxury suite condenses a unique design sex appeal featuring floor-to-ceiling stone walls in the bath, dark finishes, and a statement bathtub that makes the bath a continuous part of the contemporary space where it is possible to live a luxury lifestyle. A few floors below, Joyce Wang constructed the spa and fitness club – the largest in Equinox’s worldwide portfolio – where “Movement is something we really wanted to play within the design.”




    Joyce Wang believes that modern interior design should be a process that brings happiness to everyone. Her work is highly-custom in thought and in execution.  And this interior design project made by her share in her rigor to challenge the norm and to deliver something truly visionary.


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      Source: designboom & Architectural Digest


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