Female Interior Designers Who Are On Top Of The Design World

Some of the biggest names of the interior design industry right now are female, and to celebrate that we decided to bring a small selection of 10 of the best female interior designers in the world right now!

The future is female, so let’s discover some new names in the industry as well as rediscover some old acquaintances from the female interior designers world.

Anemone Wille Våge

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - anemone

After working as a stylist for interior magazines, Anemone Wille Våge began her own interior design company in 1989. Today Wille Interiors focuses on private and commercial projects in which Anemone instils her characteristic style as well as an aesthetic synonymous with sophistication, luxury, and grace.

Joséphine Fossey & Florence Lipszyc

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - Atelier27

Joséphine Fossey and Florence Lipszyc founded their Paris-based firm Atelier 27 in 2013 after meeting at Christie’s Modern Art department in Paris years prior where they worked together as cataloguers and specialists. Studying artworks and masterpieces was their daily mission and passion, refining their art knowledge every day and notably during the landmark sale of the Yves Saint- Laurent and Pierre Bergé collection in 2009. The rich and varied skills of the Atelier 27 Paris team work hand in hand to tailor the most creative and adapted solutions for their clients.

Kelly Hoppen

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - Kelly-Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is a must for our top female interior designers list. Her irreverent style mixed with her passion for statement pieces makes her simply unstoppable. The South African born British designer has achieved iconic status designing houses, hotels, yachts, and jets. Kelly has her own collection of paint, fabrics, rugs, and ceramics. Dubbed the Queen of Taupe, Kelly is also the author of 7 design books. A clear selection for this list of top female interior designers.

Loris Morris

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - lorris morris

Known for her seductive sophistication, avant-garde edge and the unparalleled luxury experience she provides her clients as she transforms their dreams into reality, the inimitable Lori Morris is in no way your typical designer. While many interior designers blend into popular aesthetics and trends, for over 25 years, Lori has mastered creating truly original and timeless works of art in each of her stunning interiors. One of our favourite top female interior designers hands down!

Mary McDonald

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - mary_mcdonald

Scan any top interior designer list and you are sure to find the award-winning interior designer Mary McDonald. Mary’s delicate blend of classicism and limit-pushing modernism add a unique touch to her often feminine interiors. The top designer began her career as a milliner, transposing the skills and artisan craft into interior designs. With an impeccable sense of colour, bold patterns and a “couture chic” style, it’s easy to see why we selected Mary as one of our top female interior designers to note!

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Olga Ivanova

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - olga

We know how to hear the customer – this is the most important thing. We do not do what we want, which is fashionable in the trend, but we realize your ideas. We create a dream apartment for a client, not a designer,” says Olga Ivanova, Head Designer. Studia 54 prides itself on creating the perfect interior, embodying the client’s imaginative vision, unique personality, and a particular lifestyle. Internationally esteemed for their bold creations Olga and the Studia 54 team are sought after by elite clients across the globe who seek their reputable spaces that exemplify their clients’ individual personas.

Patricia Urquiola

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - patricia urquiola

Patricia Urquiola may have been born in Spain, but she is Italian by choice. Famous for her innovative furniture design and interiors, she has won Designer of the Decade, Designer of the Year (for multiple magazines), and been awarded the “Order of Isabella the Catholic” by His Majesty The King of Spain Juan Carlos I, we’d say she’s a name you need to know. With product designs in numerous museums and designs for some of the most important Italian and international brands, Patricia Urquiola was a must for this list of top female interior designers.

Sara Story

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - sara story

Since founding her eponymous design firmSara Story has forged a reputation for imparting to all her projects an ineffable style she can truly call her own. Drawing inspiration from extensive travels, an active interest in contemporary art and fashion, and a rigorous lifestyle, Sara wields a keen eye to exact her aesthetic vision: crisp, elegant, and comfortable gestures that thoughtfully balance multiple elements of good design for an everyday, polished life. With numerous accolades and project features in some of the top shelter magazines, Sara is one of the top female interior designers to surely note.

Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - Sarah Lavoine

Since founding her interior design studio in 2002, Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine has gained notoriety for her innate talent and ability to transform spaces. Sarah’s signature style incorporates a mixing of styles and origins, elegance and comfort, it is the embodiment of a cosmopolitan Parisian spirit. A number of major commissions, each an individual prototype and the realization of her dream of expressing her lifestyle ideas in 2017 with her brand Maison Sarah Lavoine, have quickly risen Sarah to the top.

Sybille de Margerie

The Best Female Interior Designers Right Now - sybille

Known as “The lady who dresses up the palaces” with elegance and rigour, Sybille de Margerie has forged an exceptional path with ambitious projects. For twenty-five years, the interior architect has weaved natural predilections in the heart of an exceptional culture where the made-to-measure rules supreme. This invaluable savoir-faire shared with a 20-person team of collaborators has formed the reputation of an internationally renowned studio where the creativity never stops reinventing itself.

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