Green Marble: One of The Hottest Interior Trends for Summer 2018

Including marble in any region of the home adds beauty, style, and appeal, but it comes at a hefty price. If you are interested in having marble but want color as well green marble is the way to go. Green marble is the freshest trend to be taking over interior décor, here are a few ways to incorporate the trend into your décor.

Green marble — the trend that can be incorporated into any room within your home. From kitchen benchtops and bathroom counters to coffee tables and coasters, the varied material is shifting a preference between the interior obsessed — and we can see why.


A green marble bathroom vanity highlighting swirls of white complements the all-white aesthetic in this bath.

Luxurious bathroom features – a charming green marble sink with luminaire and mirror in brass.

Having green marble accessories is the ideal way to organize the elements in the home in short measures and without disordering your prevailing furniture.

Amazing bathroom with this lovely green marble bathtub. You can find this gem at Penthouse London in Hotel Café Royal.

The base of your light fixture doesn’t always have to be white or black it can have a bit of color. To add a bit of color consider using a lamp that has a green marble base. This will give off interest while still being chic and trendy.


If you really want to take it a step further and formulate a single area in your home consider having green marble fill the whole room from top to bottom.

The chic look of having a marble sink is the idea that it is something quite distinct than what everyone is used to viewing. Not only will this enable the sink to become the focal point of the kitchen but it will give a color palette that still appears neutral.

Bring something new to your living room, and don’t just go with the same old marble coffee table. Instead, get Craig center table by Essential Home in Guatemala marble. 

Opting for a green marble coffee table with gold legs will add a rich part to your living room. This can also be accomplished through the induction of a side table.

Marble benchtops and shelves have given this restaurant a modern touch to it’s aesthetic, which is complemented by white and green marble flooring, that creates a consistent theme for the place.


The best thing about a green marble wallpaper is the fact that it comes in many hues and mixture of colors. It forms a pretty wallpaper that works great with many diverse hues from vivid brights to pastel neutrals.


If you are considering of obtaining an accent table with a bit of color that is still popular then a green marble table could be precisely what your decor needs for the entire touch of gemstone hue.


A green marble shower by Nicole Fuller Interiors.

A modern bathroom design with green marble on the walls and ground.


Green Marble: One of The Hottest Interior Trends for Summer 2018

Green marble serves a fresh and fun twist to your regular marble. Not as dark as black marble, yet dark enough to formulate a contrast with more subtle and light colors, green marble also emits a sense of class and sophistication.



Marble Wall Clock at Finnish Design Shop.


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