Inside Cristina Celestino’s New Milan Design Studio

True to her spirit, in this interior, Cristina Celestino fully expresses her poetics based on references, balanced geometry, soft colours and effortless, almost restrained, playful elegance. Entering the “studio-home” it is impossible not to be reminded of the residences of the enlightened bourgeoisie that has written the history of Milan, Cristina Celestino’s adoptive city and constant reference point. A Milanese interior such as those that have always been her sources of inspiration and reinterpretation – from the trams of 1928 to the historic Cucchi café – in a game of emulation whose most intense and personal expression can be found precisely in this space.

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I was looking for a large space that could become a second home, a place to welcome my clients and to show them my approach to materials, interiors and colours. I wanted to create a familiar setting, where the time spent working would be pleasant for everyone, myself included: this is why I call it my studio-home

Cristina Celestino says

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The space is inside a building from the early 20th century in the Città Studi district of Milan. The furnishings are an eclectic selection of pieces created by the designer for companies in the world of décor, complements and coverings, flanked by prototypes and collectables. Colours, textures and materials from various eras coexist in harmony: an accumulation that is partly spontaneous but also the result of research and historical knowledge, and a manifesto of the creativity and design method of Cristina Celestino.

I wanted to work in an engaging space that felt familiar, in keeping with my own personal vision of time. For me, there has never been a clear separation between private life and work, because it is impossible to just turn off creative impulses. I don’t believe that smart working can be a long-term solution. In my work I need to see materials and prototypes, to touch samples, to meet with suppliers; and now, more than ever, I feel the need to have a second home, not an office.

Cristina Celestino

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Inside Cristina Celestino's New Milan Design Studio

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