J Hill Interiors: Beyond Timeless And Versatile Design

From an advertising firm to be a top interior designer and entrepreneur. This is the story of Jessica Hill-Tompane, Principal and Owner of J Hill Interiors, which is recognized throughout San Diego as one of the best interior design firms for uniquely curated designs and styles that last.

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A Meticulous Process

As a full-service interior design firm, J Hill Interiors can tackle any kind of project. The team takes care of every detail so the client can enjoy the entire process until the final result. Motivated to achieve their clients’ vision, this company follows every step of each renovation, new construction, or remodeling project. A meticulous process so every space becomes flawless!

Each project is completely custom-designed to enhance the clients’ space and boost their lifestyle. Stay with us and find out more about some of their best projects:

La Jolla Luxury

J Hill’s team enhanced the aesthetic of this elegant property and offered the client a bespoke, warm and modern family home.

Using nautical neutrals, rich patterns and bright bursts of color, J Hill Interiors developed an atmosphere reminiscent of a high-end resort. Our team chose a variety of unique lighting fixtures, wall upholstery and coverings, carpeting, unique tile and more to accent the luxurious home.

Retro Glam

This bungalow in CoronadoSan Diego – was born from the owners’ love of gardens and nature, and its fresh design adapts to their personal needs, desires and passions. As this home had not been updated since the 1950s, there was plenty of room for a stunning remodel.

The design of the kitchen, the dining room and the master bathroom shine with decadent metallic colours, rich tones and a collection of luxurious textures that emphasise retro design elements. In this bungalow, the present meets the past with true elegance – and ease for everyday living.

Revised Craftsman

Sophisticated yet homey, this remodeled home revises American Craftsman style with flair. A combination of soft and strong elements creates balance inside this beautiful home. Exemplifying top interior design in Del Mar, the J Hill Interiors brought light and vibrancy to a space that was previously dark and dated.

This team stimulated this space with expertise and originality, bringing in an oversized kitchen for everyday functions and an inviting living room that encourages both daily relaxation and entertaining guests. The renovation was done in collaboration with P.B. Brown Construction.

Known for a timeless and versatile look, as well as intuitive layering of colors, textures and patterns, J Hill Interiors wants to be sure that every space belongs to the client and redesign it with a clear vision and elegant approach.

This Coronado-based firm offers a full-service interior design for San Diego and beyond since they have done work in the Bay Area, Beverly Hills and even Ohio. At J Hill Interiors every detail is executed with clear intention and exquisite taste. With a resolute focus on the form and functionality of each space, all the interiors are cohesive and comfortably homey at the same time they are absolutely gorgeous!

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