Layered Design and Rich Interiors by Richard Mishaan

A rich and layered design, that is Richard Mishaan’s trademark. The Colombian-born designer creates spaces that embody his cultural richness and his diverse knowledge of art and design. Richard Mishaan received his BA from New York University and attended Columbia University School of Architecture. Now, with more than 25 years of experience, the designer has one of the most renowned design firms in New York City. 

“The best interiors are layered and rich… I adore creating synergy between collected pieces whose common thread is a tonality, a texture, or simply the excitement they evoke in the client who chose them..”

Richard Mishaan

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By combining fashion, architecture and interior design, Mishaan creates expansive spaces which are aesthetically intricate, a layered design that is also harmonious in all its complexity. The designer’s cultural roots and experience allow him to have a true understanding of luxury and quality, which is why his interior projects are the epitome of sophisticated design.

Mishaan’s layered design is the perfect synergy of elements. Art, collectible furniture, luxury furnishings are combined to create truly amazing interior projects. The designer allies different periods and styles, which is his work is so diverse…

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Mishaan designs spaces that have a special warmth and wit, spaces with personality, spaces that breathe and that are meant to continue on being lived. Layered design at its best!

Richard Mishaan is one of the best contemporary designers out there. His works are the embodiment of his rich cultural heritage. Mishaan’s interior projects also represent his keen eye for art and collectible furniture. The spaces that the New York based designer creates, are an ode to layered design and a true inspiration! To know more about this work, visit his website

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