A Project That Reflects Top Craftsmanship – Injaz Private Residence

The Injaz private residence has been designed to be a chic and contemporary home, which clearly credits classic accents. Interpreted from the offset of the modern design process, the home evidently fulfilled the need for a space that was warm and comforting. The color scheme exploits hues of neutral tones while splashes of vivacious colors can be found in signature pieces of artwork and accessories.
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Hayek Designs is a leading creative interior design studio that brings international experience and expertise to the Middle East. Founded in London, the United Kingdom in 2010, the Hayek sisters Dina and Hiba brought their unique brand of ‘aesthetic livability’ to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Offering complete interior design and bespoke furniture design solution, Hayek Designs reflects a rare combination of professional and technical capabilities and unique creative vision through their private residence projects.

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Private Collection Boca do Lobo

The private residence comes together as a merger of both urban and refined living in a naturally sophisticated and mature style. Through the alteration of the existing layout, the flat expresses a functional space where an easy flow from one area to the next has been carefully laid down. The home design, which includes four en-suite bedrooms, a drawing room, dining room, living room, kitchen, and terrace is one that not only reflects top craftsmanship but this private residence also features pieces that are unique and sourced from Paris, Milan, Porto, and London. A Project That Reflects Top Craftsmanship - Injaz Private Residence A Project That Reflects Top Craftsmanship - Injaz Private Residence Whether it be a private residence or a commercial project, Hayek Designs delivers interior design solutions that bring spaces to life.

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Private Collection Boca do Lobo


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