Room in a Box by Windsor Smith

The legendary interior designer Windsor Smith, is considered a reference for all the design bloggers and editors in the interior design industry. Her unique approach to projects allows her to create fresh and elegant spaces, infused with her peculiar modern sensibility.  

“Bespoke design is the new paradigm in how rooms are conceived and created.”inside-windsor-smiths-la-home (10)

Room in a Box is the designer’s newest idea, which aims to overcome the barrier of time and distance, helping clients to receive Windsor’s custom interiors through an online process that caters directly to their needs as if they were meeting with Windsor in person.

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The project arrives to the customer in a signature blue box that includes room illustration, furnishing plan, furnishings storyboard, furnishings selections, fabric, wall covering and paint selections where applicable, details on where to purchase each item.

“I am thrilled to be able to offer you a gorgeous and professional bespoke experience similar to what you would hope to achieve through traditional design services for a fraction of the cost” said the designer.

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Windsor Smith was honoured by Veranda magazine as one of the top 25 design influencers in their 25-year history. As a frequent guest speaker on design panels across the country, she attracts varied audiences with her engaging sincerity and fresh approach to design.




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