Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City (PART I)

Today we bring you our Best Interior Designers who are based in the biggest of apples. They all made it there, and they made it practically everywhere, but it’s still up to you, New York, New York!

Discover the PART II of the Best Interior Designers From New York City

Best Interior Designers From New York City (PART II)

  1. Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau Design is an interior design firm that is distinguished not only by an unwavering application of modernist principles but also by the creation of refined, elegant and optimistic spaces.

  1. Anastasios Gliatis

Anastasios Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in New York City. Founded by Anastasios Gliatis, Anastasios Interiors provides a superior design experience to discerning clients who have an appreciation for high-class design and style. Trained in architecture at the New York Institute of Technology, easily started to work with award-winning design and architecture firms gaining great experience. Back in 2009, he got his first commercial and residential clients as an independent architect opening a door for a successful future! Nowadays runs his own-founded firm of commercial and residential projects, offering luxurious designs to his customers. With a background in Architecture and extensive experience in Interior design, Gliatis creates luxurious spaces for his clients that combine immaculately detailed aesthetics with impeccable form and function.

3. Aparicio + Associates

Aparicio + Associates is a full-service architectural firm that focuses on elegant residential and commercial projects. A+A works in a boutique fashion with clients to create considered and sophisticated environments that maintain the highest standards of execution.

  1. Arthur Casas

From the object to the landscape, inside out, the creative process of Studio Arthur Casas is intimately connected to a horizontal scale, where the main concern is the dialogue in the conception of programs that can be as diverse as a chair or an entire neighbourhood, influenced by a contemporary design spirit that is Brazilian but also cosmopolitan.

5. Brad Ford

Brad Ford I.D. was established in 1998 with an emphasis on residential spaces. Their interiors showcase signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant and functional. Balance, light, space and colour factor into every design, creating a timeless effect. Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials, are BFID essentials.

6. Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams is one of the great interior designers of the United States. She opened her interior design company in 1988, after 20 years of working for a decorating studio – Parish-Hadley Associates. Bunny has also launched a collection of furniture and accessories known as Bunny Williams Home (including side tables, lamps, chairs, case pieces, upholstery, mirrors, coffee and drinks tables). For almost thirty years now she co-owns a garden furniture and ornament shop in New York, with antique dealer John Rosselli, extending her love of design to beyond the interiors.

7. Burley Katon Halliday

Burley Katon Halliday is an architectural and interior design practice with over 30 years in business and retains a reputation for design excellence. During these years the practise has deliberately maintained a diverse client base in many fields including private homes and apartments, residential developments, retail, corporate, museum and hospitality projects.

Entryway - hand-painted tiles sideboard with a round mirror with golden details

8. Carrier and Company Interiors Ltd.

Carrier and Company Interiors Ltd. principals, Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, are a husband and wife design duo with a combined total of 30 years experience working with New York’s premier design firms before opening their own in 2005.

9. Cenk Fikir

Headquartered in New York, Cenk Fikri Inc. is a full-service hospitality design & consultancy studio. The owner, Cenk Fikri, is an absolute passion for hospitality projects with all the boldest characteristics you can imagine. He can produce that NYC feels of entertaining culture and finest extravagance in every project, and the major part of the projects are customized which means that you’ll always have the uniqueness in every detail. In the Playboy project that it’s shown we can capture that designer’s goal was very simple – to replicate the lifestyle associated with Playboy in his design.

10. Champalimaud Design

Champalimaud Design is known for creating some of the most renowned hospitality and private projects in the world. Founded by Alexandra Champalimaud, the top design studio has dedicated its existence to expressing the individual character of each space through extraordinary design. They have been able to manage and accomplish many collaborations with top clients to create some of the world’s most distinctive properties, transforming context and heritage into compelling stories and experiences.

11. Dan Fink

Interior designer Dan Fink is the founder of the Dan Fink Studio. Fink has a high interest in history, art and the new American living. The work of the studio focus in residential and commercial projects, not only in New York but also in San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Maui and New Zealand. Their main purpose is to deliver an interior design that is both classic and modern.

12. David Kleinberg

David Kleinberg is one of the most respected names in interior design. Over a thirty-year career with projects reaching around the world, Kleinberg has created a body of work that is wide-ranging in style yet always modern in sensibility. Whether boldly inspired or carefully nuanced, Kleinberg’s interiors are above all clean-lined, sophisticated and highly attuned to each client’s lifestyle.

13. Gachot

Interior designers John and Christine Gachot created Gachot Studios in 2012. The couple is experts not only in interior design but also in real estate and art direction. They seek to create a refined aesthetic with a strong sense of place. Their values lay on elegance and simplicity with special attention to detail.

Entryway - black sideboard with flowers details in pink. round and white round mirror

14. Geoffrey Bradfield Inc.

Bradfield specializes in creating daring, elegant and luxurious residences and offices for an international clientele. Among this roster of projects for Fortune 500 clients is the major design overhaul of the Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney estate in Old Westbury, Long Island and the restoration of the late King Hussein’s mansion in Maryland. His recently completed redesign of the 200 room Equinox Resort in Vermont was elevated to the Starwood Luxury Collection. Bradfield has recently completed the designing of famed Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s New York residence. Current global projects include Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Dubai and Jerusalem.

15. Handel Architects LLP

Handel Architects LLP is an architecture, interior design, and planning firm that began in New York City in 1994. Founded by Gary Handel, the firm has grown to include more than 150 architects, interior designers, planners and support staff in New York City, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. The firm has gained national and international recognition for work such as the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, DC, and the World Trade Center Memorial in Lower Manhattan.

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16. Jayne Design Studio, Inc.

Rooms by Thomas Jayne always reflect a strong connection to history and place. He draws upon their past for inspiration, seeking details that will deepen and enliven their interior decoration. Whether the locale is a Soho loft in a late 19th century industrial building or a historic Federal house built by a New England whaling merchant, the settings become part of the narrative, their history providing the impetus for the design.

17. Meshberg Group

Meshberg Group was founded in 2006 by Adam Meshberg, and nowadays is one of the top Brooklyn-based design studios. Their goal is to focus “on integrating timeless architectural elements of the past with contemporary materials and methods of the present”.

Entryway - white sideboard with golden details and a golden mirror design

18. Ovadia Design Group

Ovadia Design Group is an award-winning architectural interior design company specializing in high-end residential and commercial designs. Their team embodies a trifecta of passionate, highly-creative and approachable talent with a wealth of experience working for top firms collectively around the nation.

19. Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff is known for her balanced understanding of design, flawless execution, and technical knowhow sculpted from her vast worldly exploits and experiences. Bikoff’s style is heavily influenced by the multicultural flavours of her hometown, New York City, and from her experiences travelling abroad. In her projects, her remarkable lineup of brands and products break design rules and inspire a lavish-yet-eclectic lifestyle.

20. Studio Sofield

Studio Sofield is an integrative New York-based design firm dedicated to multiple disciplines, creative relationships with clients and productive collaborations with artisans and artists. Sofield’s work is characterized by a holistic approach to design that encompasses the requirements of luxury living.

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21. Groves and Co

With offices in New York, East Hampton, and Los Angeles, this collective is a true reference in contemporary design. Groves and Co takes craftsmanship to a new level, by being in close contact with both artisans and engineers, they create not only beautiful but transcendent spaces. That’s why they are one of our design inspirations!

22. Jeffrey Beers International

Top 10 Top Interior Designers From New York City

They have the experience. They have the knowledge. They have what it takes to be on of the best in Interior Design. Jeffrey Beers International creates elegant and modern spaces by combining precision and emotion, blending ancient techniques and contemporary design. That is why we believe they deserve a spot on our Top Interior Designers New York Edition list!

23. Jonathan Adler

Top 10 Top Interior Designers From New York City

Potter, artist, author, and interior designer, Jonathan Adler is the embodiment of all the best that contemporary design has to give. He has worked on several projects such as the styling of the Parker Palm Springs Hotel. Most recently, he designed thirty-one VIP cabanas for DreamWorks Water Park, which opened to the public this late October. Interior Design and Entertainment combined!

24. Rockwell Group

Founded by David Rockwell, one of the Best Interior Designers in the world, this 250-person architecture and design firm specializes in hospitality, culture, healthcare, and education. Recently, they completed a luxury residents-only leisure club for New York’s Waterline Square. Years of experience combined with an interdisciplinary approach, contribute directly to what there is best in the world of Interior Design.

25. Ryan Korban

This genius designer based in New York does not only create beautiful and engaging spaces, but he almost tells a story through them. He combines what there is best in Contemporary Design with an amazing Storytelling ability. Every creation is unique and that is why we believe that he is one of the Best Interior Designers out there!

26. Shamir Shah Design

Top 10 Top Interior Designers From New York City

Shamir Shah Design unites two very important principles: client centricity and creativity. They take what is someone else’s vision and they give a form. Experience and a true understanding of Interior Design make this company one of the best in New York. Contemporary design at its best!

27. Bella Mancini Design

This company is one of the Top Residential Interior Design firms based in New York City. They specialize in highly customized and hands-on design, creating modern high-end spaces. Allying what is contemporary design and old traditions, Bella Mancini Design has everything to be a Top Interior Designer.

28. Vicente Wolf

Vicente Wolf is a Cuban-born American interior designer based in Manhattan who designs hotels, private residences, and furniture. Despite rejecting the label of ‘minimalist’, he is known for his high-tech clean spaces. There’s a certain serenity and eclecticism to his spaces. Vicente Wolf is one of the Best Interior Designers out there! A true inspiration!

29. Bradfield & Tobin

Bradfield & Tobin is a distinguished, high-end interior design company located in New York City that specializes in creating the most exquisite spaces in the world. They are known for their ability to turn every space into pure refinement and luxury. That is why they are a true Design Inspiration and that is why they are on our Top Interior Designers.

30. Ingrao Inc

Top 10 Top Interior Designers From New York City

Partners Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper are the founders of Ingrao Inc, a company established in 1982, comprised of 36 interior designers and architects. Based in New York City, they have redefined the world of modern luxury and contemporary design. Refinement and quality allied, create truly unique spaces. It is only natural that they would be part of our Top Designers in New York City.

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