Alexander Lewis Stages His First Fashion Show

Today marks the first time ever Brazilian-American designer Alexander Lewis stages his first fashion show during London’s inaugural Pre-Collections Fashion Week. The showcase will take place in the Hoxton Collective showroom at Holborn’s Hoxton hotel. In his own words “It was an easy decision to take part,” the designer says. “There has never been a platform in London, where I am based, to show pre-collections until now. Being my 10th collection this really is a celebration for me. I felt it was the right moment – three years in – to make that shift.” Alexander Lewis Stages His First Fashion Show

From what we can see, the sale racks are full of spring collections while the newer, pre-fall pieces are quickly filling up the boutique spaces. There’s almost no recall of a time when these so called filler seasons didn’t exist to leave consumers occupied until September’s deliveries of the next runway season – what did we do without new things to fall in love with? It was with this question that Alexander Lewis decided to set up his own label. In fact, it was a more practical consideration stemming from the recognition that geographic and temperature spread could provide just as much opportunity as a craving for newness. It was this insight that led Lewis to launching in what was then considered an “off” season a Resort collection, normally delivered to boutiques in November and full of light and airy silhouettes – easier for ladies in countries on the opposite hemisphere. “Perhaps we in the north should be paying more attention to our friends in the south? I felt the greatest opportunity for sales lay in the breadth of market possibilities,” Lewis told me over email prior to the release of his new Resort 2016 collection, seen here.Alexander Lewis Stages His First Fashion ShowAlexander Lewis Stages His First Fashion Show

Almost three years later, Lewis is now creating four collections a year, except that “the pre-collections are my main collections, and the spring and fall collections are more like capsule collections in collaborations with female artists – called Artist Interventions.”Alexander Lewis Stages His First Fashion ShowSEE ALSO: KARL LAGERFELD’S 2016 CHANEL RESORT COLLECTION SHOW

Alexander Lewis Stages His First Fashion Show

“Also, when working as a personal shopper at Harrods, clients would request to have wardrobes made with particular destinations in mind – what I call situational dressing. A week on a yacht requiring a specific dress code, a week at a ski chalet with lots of parties; they were all resort type destinations and I felt strongly that people were starting to shop this way. I wanted to be able to service my private clients in a similar way, helping them to build wardrobes for the situation – not the season – as something they could delve into whenever they need it.”Alexander Lewis Stages His First Fashion Show

Alexander Lewis Resort 2016 will be available in November 2015. What’s your favorite winter look?


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