Trends Forecast 2018: Neutral Gray

Neutral Gray is the color that pulls the Trends Fall palette together. The undertone of this neutral hue is not particularly warm or cool which makes it an even more versatile shade to play with. It is safe, familiar and timeless. A classic that will never go out of fashion. The best part? It works wonderfully all year around. As a neutral, it can be used by itself, as an accent or as a base for any color combination. Because, just like Navy Peony, it is the anchoring shade of Fall 2017.

Neutral Gray is not only a trend in interior design but also in fashion. Many top fashion designers as Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein showed some love for this timeless color during Fashion Week.  Because of its simplicity and elegance, Neutral Gray is a color trend to keep in mind in the upcoming months. It is perfect for those who are not big fans of bold colors and have a soft spot for neutrals. Or it can simply be a way to tone down the bold colors. Which team do you belong to?


 Metamorphosis Dining Table embodies handmade techniques such as wood carving, metal cutting and hammering, and polishing, executed by some of the best craftsman in the country. A unique product for those who have a peculiar taste for limited edition pieces and conceptual designs.



1. Project by Rug’Society and Luxxu. | 2. Gia Chandelier by Koket. | 3. Sky Chest by Circu. | 4. Eden Side Table by Boca do Lobo. | 5. Ari D Nornam Decorative Box. | 6. Stella Mccartney Boots


This center table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. Boca do Lobo uses the highest quality materials and textures, giving them shapes through objects that create a cosmopolitan luxury environment, finding the finest example in this table. Fully made of polished casted brass, with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of a home.



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1. Nymph Chandelier by Koket | 2. Stanley Floor by Delightfull | 3. Fortuna Table by Boca do Lobo | 4. Chesterfield Armchair by Boca do Lobo | 5. Graphic C by Delightfull | 6. Fornasetti Decorative Plate



The Concave Metamorphosis Mirror portrays a territorial dispute, where chaos is indulged and spread across simplicity represented by the clean slate upon which it takes place. A take on metamorphosis from both its literal and philosophical meaning, this luxurious mirror represents the removal of creative boundaries and tests the beauty ideal.


A sense of fun and frivolity pervades in this chair, but this exclusive piece also manages to be sophisticated, thought-provoking and (above all) finely handcrafted.


This piece reputes a long life! Born in the beginning of the 19th century, followed the increase of bank robberies after the Gold Rush of 1849 and kept itself sacred to successive break-in attempts, remaining deformed forever. Lockable drawers and a whole structure in mahogany, coated in highly polished brass and dipped in gold, this piece is one of indisputable value.



Monet center table is a unique and sophisticated furniture piece. Resorting to the use of contrasting design elements and materials, Boca do Lobo have achieved a beautifully balanced center table which comfortably sits in any contemporary setting.



Neutral Gray is a crowd favorite that gained major popularity this year. After seeing it in the biggest fashion runways, it was only natural to see it conquer the world of interior design. As a neutral, it is an elegant, familiar and trendy color that never goes out of style. But, despite the fact that Neutral Gray is one of the most versatile colors of the Trends Fall 2017 palette when done wrong it can make a room look dull. Here are a few tips to avoid this and make the most of this trendy color.


Keep in mind that gray is a neutral so it might not be a great idea to pair it with beige. Instead, opt for one or the other. If you still want to use both colors, balance it with warmer shades as taupe or chocolate brown. Stepping out of the neutral palette, mix grey with bolder colors as orange or green to tone down the décor and create an interesting contrast.


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NU Chesterfield armchair, is our tribute to England’s most iconic armchair. The inspiration of this classic leathered armchair is rooted back in 1800.


Newton is an outstanding moment of inspiration. A luxury statement piece created in order to fulfill the needs of our clients that are looking for the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high quality materials.


With Sinuous Patina Console you will successfully create a luxurious environment. Sinuous lines draw the elegant character of this console, gathering the styling of the best sellers of Coolors Collection. Sinuous is made for those who love harmonious lines mixed with exquisite detail. Its design is seductive and lures you into a magical and golden world.



1. Chanel Fall/Winter Show. | 2. Dior Men Jewelry, | 3. Crepe Ruffled Top by Petar Petrov 4. Versace Purse. | 5. Alberta Ferretti Earrings. | 6. Ichiro Suzuki Men Suit | 7. Noci Low Sneakers

Neutral Gray was a favorite amongst top fashion designers as Calvin Klein, Gabriela Hearst and Alexander Wang in the runways of New York and Paris Fashion Week. It works amazing as an head-to-toe statement or simply as an accent for an outfit. This safe color is not just a Fall color, but a trend hue all year round, helping you create an elegant and timeless outfit. Plus, it can complement any other color in the palette.


Extreme simplicity, contemporary aesthetic and seductive power: these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that make the Bonsai love at first sight. Relating to Boca do Lobo’s approach to re-adapting traditional furniture styles, and inseparably combined with innovative processes, the Bonsai Dining table boasts bold lines and character in a fantastic blend of styles and material finishes.


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