Trends Forecast 2018: Toast

Between so many vibrant hues that will be a trend in Fall 2017, there are a few neutrals to balance the palette, just like Toast. Toast is the comforting neutral of the bunch. It is a quintessential Fall shade, a classic and timeless color trend that will bring comfort and warmth to the chilly season that is upon us. This hue was also a favorite amongst top fashion designers in the runways of New York and Paris Fashion Week. We completely understand why.

As a midrange beige color, this neutral shade goes with everything and works as a fantastic base for any outfit or interior design project, making it look more elegant and chic. As a Fall-approved color, this sun-tanned neutral will bring a warmhearted presence to the new season. And thanks to its versatility, Toast will very likely never stop being a trendy color all year round. It is simply timeless.


While some people believe in the power of neutrals to create a sophisticated interior design project, others often associate it with boring rooms with lack of personality.



1. Vellum Wall Light by Brabbu. | 2. Wood Sculpture by Stinson Studios Maple Burl. | 3. Burj Pendant by Luxxu. 4. Bésame Chair by Koket. | 5. Burlesque Console by Koket. | 6. Tank Ball Vase by Tom Dixon



1. Heritage Cabinet by Boca do Lobo | 2. Koben Suspension Light by Brabbu | 3. Bésame Chair by Koket | 4. Temptation Console by Koket | 5. Untamed Console by Koket


The truth is, when done right, neutrals as Toast can help you create a beautiful room that is both elegant and sophisticated. It can also work as a wonderful base for stunning color combinations. If you’re struggling to decorate with neutrals, here are a few tips and luxury furniture pieces.



trends Color Trends Forecast 2018: Autumn Maple infinity console

trends Color Trends Forecast 2018: Autumn Maple get price btn

Infinity holds a shimmering aura that gets a classy touch to any living space. Stunning in either modern or classic entrance halls and a great addition to any living room decoration. Handcrafted by our talented craftsmen, this prodigious piece has a striking geometric mosaic wood veneer top and a copper leaf base finished with high gloss varnish.


The Empire Center Table is to find itself in the very heart of the most memorable of events and celebrations. It begs meaningful conversation and years of toasts, symbolizing the union of friendship and the celebration of life. Designed and built to make an impression and deliver an unmatched experience, this exquisite piece will add a breathtaking touch of elegance and glamour to your luxury living room.


The Frank Nightstand comes directly out of a surreal world, a dream, taking on a variety on a variety of luxurious finishes. This exclusive nightstand features some of Boca do Lobo’s finest veneers, and design details, and in a unique clash of aesthetics and tones, maintains practicality, making it perfect to keep some of your most personal belongings.


Heritage is an elegant décor piece to compliment the decoration of any interior setting. A highly coveted ensemble of hand-painted tiles like those of an expertly curated art collection brings together master artisans and craftsmen for Boca do Lobo’s Heritage. In its interior, there is one door and four drawers, fully lined with gold leaf.


This piece was born from our designers’ strong desire to innovate and their open mind to combine and embrace craftsmanship and techniques from different forms and artistic styles. Strong, durable and invested with beauty and strength, this piece of furniture was handcrafted from the finest materials in designs as functional as they are aesthetically impressive.


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trends Color Trends Forecast 2018: Autumn Maple bl coolors collection 750




This handcrafted, extremely versatile and unique piece is ideal for storing glassware and fine silver collectibles in the dining room or any other of your collections – a great compliment to any classic or modern interior setting. The Guggenheim cabinet is available in two finishes (rosewood or palisander), with black lacquered wood top and legs. Boca do Lobo’s Guggenheim is handcrafted in Portugal, according to traditional methods, by master artisans who pulse the art of work wood and glass in their veins.


The Thompson is an elegant stool characterized by a sophisticated hexagonal base and a delicately carved body. This modern piece is both decorative and functional and can be used as a stool or as a small side table, destined to bring elegance to the living room. The Thompson is available in solid oak or mahogany.


This distinctive folding screen is so elegant that can be easily placed in your home. Avenue is a striking piece that attracts attention and lightens the mood in any space. Composed of six rotating panels finished in gold leaf with a high gloss varnish, black high gloss lacquer, and a geometric mosaic of walnut veneer and a book matched ebony veneer covered with high gloss varnish.


Pretty much any color goes perfectly next to a neutral as Toast so you won’t have a hard time choosing. Plus, when you get tired of that color, simply change it up and you will get a completely different décor while still keeping the neutral base.


Start by working with different shades in the same family to create a room that is both interesting and unified. Then, don’t be afraid to play with contrasting textures, fabrics and materials to add some dimension to the interior design project. Last but not least, if you want to spice it up, introduce small pops of color.




1. Dress Capsule Collection by Moschino | 2. Dégradé Striped Cady Dress by Fendi | 3. Handbag by Givenchy | 4. Mille Miglia Classic Xl 90Th Anniversary by Choppard | 5. Happy Dreams Ring by Choppard | 6. Tutenvasen Hellbraun Vase | 7. Fendi Purse


Toast was a favorite amongst top fashion designers as Tory Burch, Jonathan Simkhai or Marc Jacobs in the runways of New York and Paris Fashion Week. It works amazing as a top to the bottom outfit, as a base for an outfit or as small appointments as a coat or an everyday bag. This warm neutral is a trendy hue all year round, helping you create a chic, classic and timeless outfit.


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