Welcome to Boca do Lobo’s Concierge Service. Boca do Lobo is committed to bringing you the finest pieces of furniture art for the most luxurious interior design projects. We pride ourselves on the talent of our young designers and skillful master artisans, on the finest materials we use to shape our exclusive furniture and on our emotional design concept, which combines ancient knowledge with contemporary design. Boca do Lobo is prepared to provide you a real shopping experience. We go to continued lengths to ensure all our products are the best of the best and to exceed expectations. We consider our clients friends and greatly value your continued business.

Our concierge specialists are gladly standing by to assist you in any area of your shopping experience. Please contact us at any time at 918 042 909 or via email at

We are committed to finding the perfect item for your purchase. If you need help selecting a piece for a specific project, have questions about sizing and materials or simply want to consult with our knowledgeable sales associates about our collections, we are happily standing by to accommodate you.

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