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7 Black Consoles for the Elegant Household

Black console table black console 7 Black Consoles for the Elegant Household soho console black 04


Black, visually versatile in a plethora of contexts. Be it in fashion, or furniture, black will work if the setting is right. When used in proper proportions, and in a tasteful manner, it can find itself in virtually any household division, in any form, whether it be furniture or home accessories.  It goes without saying that the black console has the power to enhance the elegance of any given division. This is especially true when explored with different textures, and combined with other strong materials such as brass, gold-leaf or leather.

Indeed, the black console table should still be carefully selected for it’s given environment. But when the right piece is chosen, it can make the room entirely. In this Inspiration & Ideas installment, we go over 7 different black console designs, where black is exposed in the form of lacquered wood, metal or leather. Read on and get inspired:



7 Black Console Table Ideas (1) black console 7 Black Consoles for the Elegant Household 7 Black Console Table Ideas 1

Soho Console

This console base is made from wood and tempered glass and 5 drawers compose it. Its base is made of lacquered wood. It contains drawers with: handcrafted fronts lacquered in white; fronts made in marquetry and brass handles; fronts with golden leaf and fronts lacquered in blue.

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