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10 Glass Cabinets for the Modern Home

Frequency cabinet Glass cabinets 10 Glass Cabinets for the Modern Home mattia bonetti   frequency cabinet

Modern furniture designers have resorted to glass as a principal material for cabinet pieces. This goes for cabinets of every kind, from sideboards and buffets, to shelving units, and kitchen storage. Glass cabinets have played a fundamental role in the modern home for years, and unsurprisingly, they are here to stay. Fitting a series of design elements and styles, glass finds a neutral aesthetic position thanks to its physical properties and timeless character.

In this Inspiration and Ideas article, we share 10 glass cabinets to suit the modern home, which fit a range of categories, purposes, and most importantly tastes. Read on:

Boca do Lobo Palace Glass cabinets 10 Glass Cabinets for the Modern Home Boca do Lobo Palace e1457627637653

Boca do Lobo‘s Palace cabinet is a re-interpretation of a 17th-century piece. It sees the brand’s unmissable contempory twist, which preserves it’s timeless design value, yet adds relevance to the modern day household.

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