The Bespoke Service Procedure

Boca do Lobo offers a fully bespoke service using high end luxurious fabrics from finest techniques, which can be transformed into any finish of your choice, making the piece completely unique and yours. Creating everything in-house, we are proud to work with Portuguese artisans, creating elegant, timeless pieces.

Through Boca do Lobo doors have passed generations of talented craftsmen – who’ve formed lasting relationships with the customers, creating bespoke furniture that have been long treasured. It’s their commitment to service and excellence that has secured Boca do Lobo’s reputation.

Initial Concept

We've streamlined the bespoke process, utilizing technology to offer an exceptionally curated, interactive and exclusive customization experience. Our expertise has a deep understanding of the unique bespoke process, they are aware of luxury trends and cautious to your necessities. Together you will discover our marvellous and opulent universe of exquisite materials, we pay an obsessive attention to materials as they are the “skin” of our pieces!

Final Assembly

Once these decisions are made we craft the piece by hand, using traditional methods and techniques to ensure a flawless creation. All elements assembled in our atelier and ready to be send to its owner, must go through a meticulous supervision to ensure that we deliver a unique product.

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