Hand Painted Tiles

Azulejos, traditional hand-painted tiles, are one of the most representative art forms of Portuguese culture, the architectural sideboard portrays different scenes from the country’s Discoveries era. The paintwork over tiles is a meticulous process: laying the patterns is slow and complex, therefore it requires special skills and experience. No handpainted piece will ever look exactly the same as another one.


Big size shapes and creative forms are innate to metalwork, which involves time and careful effort from our blacksmiths. Consequently, fine-looking welding can also be a challenge. Joining each component must be at design service and overcome its functionality.

Leaf Gilding

Gilding, and Leaf Gilding specifically, is one of the most luxurious ancient crafting techniques. It is a decorative technique in which master artisans apply a very thin coating of metal, usually gold, to solid surfaces such as metal, wood, porcelain, or stone. Layer by layer, gold leaves are applied to add extra texture, depth, and richness. Leaf Gilding is available in a wide variety of karats and shades and different techniques can be chosen.


Filigree is the most delicate jewelry technique used to work precious metals, usually gold and silver. It is an age-old and detailed jewelry expression in which skilled artisans painstakingly solder tiny beads and twisted threads to create striking artistic motifs, suggesting often an exquisite and intricate lace-like pattern.

Engraving Glass

Engraving on glass is an intricate process that involves the skilled manipulation of fine tools to etch intricate designs onto the smooth surface of glass. The artisan's hand dances across the material, carving out delicate patterns, textures, and even narratives, transforming a simple glass into a masterpiece. This meticulous technique not only adds a tactile dimension to the glass but also plays with light, creating plays of shadows and reflections.

Wood Working

Wood carving is a meticulous and time-honoured technique involving skilled manipulation of tools to shape and sculpt wood into intricate designs and forms. The artisan's hands, guided by a profound understanding of the wood's grain and texture, chisel away to reveal a fusion of craftsmanship and artistic expression. Wood carving enhances the aesthetic appeal of furniture and decorative items and adds a tangible, tactile dimension that invites touch and admiration.

Metal Casting

One of the processes we appreciated the most is the art of casting metal, where the metal is heated until molten into a chosen shape and size. It gave birth to outstanding pieces like Newton series or the iconic Eden series.