The Legacy Magazine is a noble tribute to the lost arts of craftsmanship, that have been struggling to live through the years. We aim to honor and elevate every designer, craftsmen and artist in our journey. "Legacy" is our design testimony while we successfully move towards the future.


Joinery is the precious foundation that builds the products’ skeleton. The oldest art of humankind, sculpturing ornaments in wooden object to create undeniable exceptional details.

Royal Dining Table

The contrasting personality of this table is a beautiful combination of Baroque and Contemporary lines, reflecting Boca do Lobo’s philosophy of challenging the past through the future.


From the land of iconic arts, the leaf gilding is one of the most treasurable and richest crafts techniques. The application of a thin layer of gold, silver or copper, has been a process of ornamental decoration unchanged for hundreds of years.


Table Lamp

Diamond Emerald


Marie Therese



Filigree is the most delicate technique used to work precious metals. Skilled artisans artistically solder tiny beads and twisted threads to create striking artistic motifs.

Lucanos Sconce

The Lucanus sconce brings a sophisticated symbiosis between a rare insect figure and the pure beauty of the silver filigree. The plate is made of polished brass and gold plated and completes this masterpiece.


The hand painted tiles are one of the most representative art forms of the Portuguese culture, reflecting a tradition with hundreds of years, and it often portray scenes from our history or its fabulous sights.






Dining Table


The metalworking is a fusion of science and ancient art. A truly skilled technique that conceive a wide range of designs, from a large-scale structure to the most delicate jewelry.

Newton Console

Defying laws of physics, this revolutionary piece of furniture has been designed by taking inspiration from its elder brother – Newton dining table. Newton console is a standout piece that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms