Boca do Lobo Gallery

Portuguese design reference, Boca do Lobo is debuting a brand-new concept in Oporto. The Boca do Lobo Gallery promises to showcase the brand’s legacy in an exclusive environment. Portuguese tradition and artistry can be sensed in each product while acquiring a more timeless and cosmopolitan touch.

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The contemporary brand has chosen a series of eclectic classics and novelties that merge functionality and aesthetics to a new level. Boca do Lobo has also partnered with a series of other brands to exude an even more detailed concept space. The result is a sophisticated setting which proves that all the furnishings of a large group of brands that have been created over the years can coexist with each other and create an incredible experience.

When you step inside this Gallery you feel as if you are in a high-end design gallerylocated in the streets of Paris, Milan or New York. The concrete walls, the pieces on display and the amazing surroundings provide an ecceciti environment that is the ideal setting for presenting some of our most iconic pieces and all of our new releases. The pieces chosen to be on display in this space emphasises Boca do Lobo's ability to push itself and explore new creative horizons using crafts, nem materials and artistic references from different parts of the world, but mainly from Portuguese Heritage.

Covet Douro

Your tour to the Boca do Lobo Gallery can also include a visit tour first showroom in Oporto, the Covet Douro. This is ultimate experience of lived-design specially conceived for all design lovers worldwide. Located in an ancient three floor waterfront mansion in Oporto next to the Douro River, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe, Covet Douro is filled with remarkable architectural details that hold the glory from a noble past and traditions of Portugal. In this timeless scenario, a unique showroom was born and each room was decorated by prestigious design brands.