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Gafencu men
Tile Style
A luxury sideboard complete with historic tiling

The discerning man knows the importance of having a selection of fine china crockery at home. This is whether it be for impressing guests during a swanky dinner party or simply to sit on a shelf to add a touch of culture to your home.
When it comes to the latter, your finest china deserves a much more esteemed place of display that in a merc kitchen cupboard. This is where the Heritage Sideboard, created by Portuguese interior design specialist Boca do Lobo, comes into its own.
Costing €15,700 (HK$165,000), the board consists of various hand-painted tile paintings on a number of levels, all interspersed with each other. The layers depict different periods of Portuguese history, catch having been taken from historic buildings such as convents or colleges.

The doors open up to reveal a number of display shelves in an interior lined with gold leaf. According to the designers, this mirrors the gilded interiors of many of the historic buildings from which the sideboard takes its inspiration.
Even for the less dinner party-inclined, having a selection of unique Portuguese art all rolled into a single cabine tis bound to make a fine – and quite novel – addition to your home.