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The French courts of the 17th century were the epitome of ostentatious grandeur. The essence of their pageantry has now been captured by Italian label Boca do Lobo in their limited edition sofa, Versailles. The name conjures up images of both beauty and cruelty as the palace was at the centre of the carnage that came with the French Revolution. Mixing the classic with au courant style, the furniture piece offers a fresh take on the signature opulence of the olden times. Visit www.bocadolobo.com to know more about the seat.


Innovation and reinterpretation always go hand in hand. If one is about putting things in a new perspective, the other is about giving a twist to existing design sensibilities. The limited edition Heritage cabinet from Portugal-based luxury studio, Boca do Lobo is a case in point.
Known for combining old techniques of working wood to give them a futuristic look, the furniture brand’s latest addition takes a cue from Portugal’s rich heritage and draws on azulejo (tiles) that are used as decorative forms to showcase aspects of their culture. So, an ensemble of hand-painted blue and white figurative tiles come together to decorate the doors of this exquisite wardrobe. Made of mahogany, the piece has lockable drawers and there are only 20 limited edition units available. Check bocadolobo.com for details.