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By Omar Omar
Images Courtesy of Boca Do Lobo

Most people are very similar in how they lead their lives. They prefer to keep a low profile, follow tradition and never break out of the ordinary. But have you ever thought they were right? Maybe it's better if we just make do with simple uncomplicated things.

Boca Do Lobo is here to tell you why you want to be special. They remind you why great people naturally feel the need to rise and become more than ordinary. They use design to promote all the values of life that make a man or a woman great; strength, daring, vigor and passion.

Their Limited Edition collection is shamelessly opulent, extravagant and brilliant! The Fortuna Table is a shining, shimmering statement of greatness! It's elegant composition of scaled brass support a stunning table top with a log rings design that remind us of the passing of time and the importance of seizing life by the neck.

Even a simple coffee table could be an articulation of power, as demonstrated by the Eden coffee table. Its mystical name only adds value to its gorgeous mahogany structure which is fully plated by intricately engraved polished grass.

The Equator globe is the ultimate symbol of self indulging intellectualism! It's a beautiful piece that is sure to give any office or study a sense of class. Your scholarly discoveries can be properly celebrated with the help of this beautiful wooden cabinet, where you can store all your drinks.

The Versailles Sofa's primary function is to take you back to the glory and splendor of royal French court! Abandon all restrictions, embrace life and enjoy meaningful moments on this extravagantly crafted sofa.

It is a bit of a Cliché to call a collection of a design "unique"; however, Boca Do Lobo truly have flare for creating exclusive pieces that stimulate both our elemental and enchanted natures.