millionaire gold



W 80 cm | 31.5 in D 63 cm | 24.8 in H 152 cm | 59.8 in

Influenced by the California Gold Rush, the Millionaire Safe is a statement piece designed to cause an impression. Built in a Mahogany structure and gold-plated polished brass frame with several dents, it sparks both interest and imagination reminding the vault robbery attempts in the old west. Nestled in a turned brass silver plated gear-wheel mechanism, an imposing safe handle obeys the will of is master through a secret dial lock combination. The overlay door makes room for an open space lined in velvet to keep liquors or other luxury lifestyle items, and a set of lockable drawers and door. Watch winders, shelves, an extra locking system and other features are able to customize.

Product Features
Mahogany safe structure, lined with polished brass sheets, with a gold coat finish. Turned brass handles and silver-plated wheels. Its opening system works with a secret code combination. The interior features a set of drawers and a door with a separate locking system.

Arts and Techniques
Foundry; Turning; Metal plating; Turning; Polishing.

Materials and Finishes
Gold plated exterior, with siver plated handle and cogs. Polished brass drawers in interior.

W 80 cm | 31.5 in D 63 cm | 24.8 in H 152 cm | 59.8 in

Custom sizes and colors are available with an upcharge.

Clean and Care
Glass cleaner for the shelves, dry cloth for the lacquered parts and a dry cloth metal cleaner for the handles.

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