10 Million Dollar Villa in Marbella by Boca do Lobo

10 Million Dollar Villa in Marbella

Professionals of all types of careers are attracted to Marbella by the quality of life, the variety of services, and, even more, the chance to make a living outside in the sun. Marbella’s stylish marinas, boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs provide a refined Riviera lifestyle that is complemented by country clubs, first-rate sporting venues, and a variety of specialized services. Together, they offer a privileged environment that an increasing number of individuals are choosing to call home.

This living room speaks for itself bringing classic Mediterranean and Andalusian elements by incorporating strong pop of colours and bold pieces, with the classy touch of brighter tones. Boca do Lobo are thrilled to see a curated selection of the most amazing pieces from our brand, like the one-of-a-kind Navarra Center Table, but also Filigree Mirror and Symphony Sideboard.