Arabian Majlis Design in the UAE by Boca do Lobo

Arabian Majlis Design in the UAE

Welcome to the opulent world of Arabian Majlis design in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where luxury and hospitality intertwine to create an unforgettable experience for both hosts and guests. Steeped in rich cultural heritage and inspired by the region’s unique traditions, the Arabian Majlis is a captivating space designed to welcome visitors with unparalleled warmth and splendor. Let Boca do Lobo take you on a journey through the finest Majlis designs, where the art of receiving guests is redefined with unbridled luxury.

Step into a realm of Arabian enchantment as you enter this majestic majlis, combining traditional Arab architecture with modern design. Boca do Lobo‘s Wave Center Table takes center stage in this Arabian Majlis, adding a fascinating character to a spacious room where you can easily relax and present your guests with the most exquisite luxury.

This lavish Arabian Majlis embraces the finest luxury design, making use of several statement pieces by Boca do Lobo that will leave anyone mesmerized. The Imperfectio Sofa and Armchair are the key elements that make this majlis a fantastic place to be and enjoy in the company of your guests. The sheer variety of textures is enough to leave you mesmerized, as the dark marble flooring gracefully contrasts with the golden tones.