Boca do Lobo has launched 10 New Designs

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Boca do Lobo presents the ultimate form of Art and Crafts

Get to know the Perfect Imperfectio Sofa & the Noble Metamorphosis Sconces

In this edition of Maison et Objet Paris, Boca do Lobo decided to give a step forward in terms of visual communication, by becoming increasingly more audacious and proving that Boca do Lobo can easily adapt their language to contemporary spaces, while preserving their deep origins in the Portuguese culture.

The decision of changing is recent but it is in line with the brand principles on which the brans was founded. Boca do Lobo is an unavoidable point for those who are looking for ultimate designs and luxury experiences, since it has presented in this edition of Maison et Objet an outstanding stand full of novelties. We´re talking about 10 new pieces!

Boca do Lobo decided to reinforce the product typologies to offer a greater variety. That’s what the brand has proven in the January edition of Maison et Objet 2017, in Paris. At Maison et Objet, Boca do Lobo presented a new design language, proving that the brand can be can easily adapt itself to different styles and concepts.

Find below two of the new pieces that were launched at Maison et Objet 2017:


Boca do Lobo Boca do Lobo Boca do Lobo has launched 10 New Designs imperfectio sofa 02

Imperfectio Sofa is the pure expression of imperfect yet elegant aesthetic, an echo of authenticity, recalling us ofr the genuine things of life. Imperfectio Sofa is quite intentionally imperfect, paying a tribute to the artisanal work which is considered the ultimate art form. The Imperfectio Sofa determines its own history through its originality and shapes. The intentional irregularities and flaws over in the handcrafted hammered brass structure represent the authentic beauty of imperfection. Some parts of the external surface are roughly asymmetrical yet comfortable and smooth will perfectly fit or complement your living room set and provides it with an exotic and glamourous touch.


Boca do Lobo Boca do Lobo Boca do Lobo has launched 10 New Designs metamorphosis sconce 01

The huge success of Metamorphosis Series resulted in the creation of another unique design piece – Metamorphosis Sconces. Like the dramatic transformations and sudden changes in the animal’s body structure, Metamorphosis Sconces combines new unexpected design techniques and noble finishes through a meticulous artistic process. The roughness of the brass and the elegance of the marble are engaged in a pleasant and graceful conversation. Like a luxury jewel, the Metamorphosis Sconces are the most sophisticated lightning accessories for your home.

This is how Boca do Lobo can create luxurious and cosy living rooms, exclusively decorated with design pieces made by Boca do Lobo. This is the reflection of our brand’s identity transition. The tendency will be to create a variety of pieces that provide us a complete independence.

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