A Better Way Of Life Designed By Rottet Studio

More than architecture and interior design firm internationally recognized, with world-class design experts in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Shanghai, Rottet Studio faces the design world in a very interesting way. Their purpose as a design practice is to elevate the way people live, work and travel. How? Through the built environment.

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With an extensive portfolio of corporate, hospitality, residential, and maritime projects for leading global companies and brands. Rottet Studio is a leader in the architecture and design industry, creating stunning, functional and timeless places that promote a better way of life.


One of our favourite projects from Rottet Studio, more specifically, from Lauren Rottet – architect, founding principal and president – is her latest home in Montauk, New York.

Breathe in and breathe out. Welcome to Lauren‘s unimaginable mid-century hexagonal home. Yes, you read it right! A hexagonal home originally designed by the iconic modernist industrial architect George Nelson and his partner Gordon Chadwick. The iconic residence was completely redesigned by Lauren and the result is just staggering!

Living in a home where every room is hexagonal is, for sure, a challenge. Not only for the architect itself – who is the owner – but for all the people who might live there. That challenge, for Laurena pure researcher thinking outside the box – was a successful case, just look at these pictures!

“If you cut every single corner off of a rectangle, you find that everything fits fine in a hexagon (…) There are no dead-ends. Everything flows around what you need.”

Lauren Rottet at Cool Hunting
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When it comes to hospitality, Rottet Studio also knows how to improve the way people live in hotels, very well indeed. The lobby is straight out of the 1920s with French Limestone walls and Tiger Beige limestone doorways, white Calacutta and gray Bardiglio marble floors. If you come closer, you can see contemporary thought and detail with elements such as stone mosaic carpeting in a surreal distorted pattern of an Abusson rug.

Elegant yet warm and engaging, with seating areas inside the black box of white sharkskin surrounded by warm beige suede tufted walls. That’s the bara tasteful intimate area for socializing among friends and family – that was intentionally designed to appear as if it was created in the 1930s during the height of Deco but staying true to the hotel’s style.

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Rooftop lovers, you can’t miss the view from there! With a hidden garden, we can’t help but imagine waiting for sunset right here and drinking a cocktail during happy hour. Who has been to New York knows the city looks even prettier from the top. And this roof couldn’t be an exception. The Surrey Hotel, in New York, certainly is a very pleasant hotel to stay in, don’t you think?


How about our days in the office? Whoever thinks that the corporate environment doesn’t deserve comfort and good taste is wrong. Artis Capital Management, in San Francisco, is proof of that – thanks to Rottet Studio. According to Rottet Studio, architecture sets the foundation while interior design defines the brand.

When a company wants to bring comfort to their office, it can only be a great place to work, right? And the best firm to redesign a better way of life or, in this case, a better way of working, is surely Rottet Studio. Rottet Studio (pronounced row-tay) is known in the marketplace as innovators, not followers. They stay ahead of the design curve by setting trends in the industry through the application of their extensive knowledge and experience, while continually striving to deliver environments that not only satisfy their clients’ needs but allow them to achieve a level of success that exceeds their expectations.

Stay with us for your daily dose of inspiration!

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