A Creative And Contemporary New York Apartment by Pembrooke & Ives

Bringing exclusive design and contemporary aesthetic to Madison Park Avenue, Pembrooke & Ives‘s creative New York Apartment blends different styles with a variety of materials and shapes, creating an effortlessly luxurious, and comfortable apartment. Boca do Lobo Blog will take inside and guide you through its artistic and exclusive interior design project!

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A Creative New York Apartment by Pembrooke & Ives- entryway

Founded by Andrew Sheinman in 1987, Pembrooke & Ives has a very ambitious goal: to realize what are their clients’ needs and dreams. The design firm, with over 30 years of experience, has been trying to elevate the vision of the people who hire them. Through a very collaborative process, they have been succeeding in doing so, and they have been responsible for the creation of luxurious designs that are still effortless and comfortable.

Located in Madison Park Avenue, one of the most central and expensive streets in New York, this city block apartment is one of the best examples of what Pembrooke & Ives is capable of. Mixing natural materials and shapes, with splashes of color and innovative techniques this interior is comfortable, yet artistic and exclusive.

A Creative New York Apartment by Pembrooke & Ives - hallway

Entering the New York apartment the dark marble dominates the space, creating a minimalist aesthetic, with very few elements. The entryway is a beautiful room, that perfectly introduces this interior design.

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A Creative New York Apartment by Pembrooke & Ives- living room with eden center table by Boca do Lobo

Passing to the living room, the star room of the project, the natural light from the wall covered in windows gives space a whole new life. With woody surfaces and white as the basis, the room has some colored details as the artistic side table, the wall art, and in the center, adding new textures and shapes, Boca do Lobo’s Eden Center Table, definitely elevates the design. Eden Center table is inspired by the mystic behind the name. This center table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. Fully made of polished casted brass, the design piece makes the whole difference in this contemporary New York apartment.

Get The Look – Eden Gold Center Table

Eden center table by Boca do Lobo
A Creative New York Apartment by Pembrooke & Ives-living room

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Metamorphosis Center Table Boca do Lobo

A Creative New York Apartment by Pembrooke & Ives - kitchen

Following the logic of the project, the kitchen and dining room share an open natural illuminated space, where wood and basic tones dominate the interior design. With artistic and complex lighting pieces, contrasting with the minimalist and simple shapes of the dining table and the kitchen counter, this room is functional, yet eclectic and beautiful.

A Creative New York Apartment by Pembrooke & Ives- dining room

This New York apartment shows not only the versatility of Pembrooke & Ives but also of Boca do Lobo’s pieces. Contrasting in shapes, textures, and colors, this contemporary design primers for functionality and harmony.

A Creative New York Apartment by Pembrooke & Ives - master bedroom

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All images by Piete Estersohn


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