Be Amazed By Some Of The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

As the seat of the EU, Brussels is known as the “capital of Europe,” and its significance as a centre of international governance and business makes Brussels a truly global city. Besides the beer, the waffles, the chocolate and the diamonds, Brussels is also known for its vast choice of interior design projects! Have a look!

Brussels Town House by Victoria-Maria Interior Design

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

Victoria-Maria is a German-born interior architect and designer based in Brussels that has been extensively featured and praised by international publications. In this Brussels Town House project, you are set to experience a witty mix and match of the ’70s and the late 19th-century style through bold colors, staggering textures and, of course, remarkable furniture and lighting ideas. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Duplex Apartment by Isabel Gómez Interiors

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

In the heart of the Brussels European District, a duplex apartment was remodeled to be a modern interior design project by Isabel Gómez Interiors Design Studio. This old townhouse, originally built in  1898, features some of its original elements such as the beautiful ceilings, the marble fireplaces, the big wooden doors, and the nice city garden. For the designer in charge, the design should tell a story and evoke emotion preferring quality over quantity.

Épaulé Jeté by Sacré Sucré

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

Here’s an amazing restaurant design by Sacré SucréÉpaulé Jeté has an ambition – to establish itself in a real place of life and conviviality for all. The coolest bar and the trendiest environment welcome you into an experience you will surely never forget. After all, Sacré Sucré is an interior design studio that will help you create an atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of for your private or business goals.

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Duplex Project by Kalman Interiors

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

Kalman Interiors works in interiors with heritage value, in order to enhance the qualities of the place (history, furniture, spatiality, decor, material, etc.), and combine them with the contemporary. In this duplex project, Kalman Interiors is able to bring us serene ambiances that remind us of how soothing and homely our house should be. A bit minimal, a bit modern, we just can’t take our eyes off it.

JVD DJ Residence by Vincent Van Duysen

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

The house and gallery have nine floors in total. The former gallery below is used for special events for a select audience while the basement of the house has a nice roof terrace on top of the gallery. From the first and second floors of the house, you have extensive views of the Brussels residential quarter giving each space its own atmosphere. The space is used as an abstract transition between the outside world and the house as a world of art. Brought to you by the great Vincent Van Duysen.

REALEX by Assar Architects

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

REALEX Tower by Assar Architects is a 26-story building that will integrate, in a few years, the panorama of the Rue de la Loi, in the European Quarter in Brussels. The freed-up ground area is devoted to the creation of a green pedestrian link which contributes to the porosity of the district. The construction induces a layout and a studied volumetry to favor the penetration of light into the streets and neighboring blocks. The ground floor of the building will also be boosted by the presence of a shop. Like all contemporary buildings, REALEX Tower meets the requirements of energy-saving.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

Uccle Town Hall (Project U) by Archipelago Architects

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

Project U by Archipelago Architects is the story of the conversion of a disused office building (the old Fabricom headquarters) into a welcoming town hall housing 450 Uccle administrative officers. This aims to promote connections between services and improve citizens’ experience. The project combines respect for heritage with sustainable environmental performance to create a powerful working tool. It also serves as a public institution with a strong identity at the entrance to Brussels.

MVS Residence by Vincent Van Duysen

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

This two-story penthouse by Vincent Van Duysen is divided into two areas. The top floor is intended for the owner’s use while the smaller floor downstairs houses the guest facilities. The main floor was cleared as much as possible keeping only a few volumes for the definition of different areas. Connected, but able to be closed off through different sliding doors, this creates different configurations and views through the living spaces. Throughout the different areas, white Carrara Statuario marble is used for the floors and wall cladding which contrasts subtly with the dark oak wall paneling and furniture as well as with the green surroundings entering the interior through the picture frame-like windows.

In Knokke

Le Zoute by Hélène and Olivier Lempereur

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

This 800 m² villa was built at the end of the ’60s, the structure needed a complete renovation. With the help of local architect Hans De Keyser, the owners widened the windows, created a new thatched roof, and stripped the interior entirely. “It was a house that required people of quality”, assert the owners of this seaside resort. Le Zoute‘s interior architecture is by Olivier Lempereur and the decorative styling is by Hélène Guillon.

In Brugelette

Pairi Daiza Resort by Champels Creative Hospitality

The Best Interior Design Projects In Brussels

Pairi Daiza offers an unforgettable day in paradise in the midst of wild animals. The park helps to sensitize visitors to the beauty and fragility of nature. Pairi Daiza houses more than 7,000 animals from around the world, including birds, mammals, fish and reptiles and it is located on the former site of the Cistercian Abbey of Cambron, featuring ancient trees and numerous historic buildings. The interiors could only be envisioned by Champels Creative Hospitality that gathers hospitality professionals as well as interior designers to create holistic and powerful projects.

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