Discover This Eclectic House With Contemporary Furniture Designs

Do you feel like getting inspired by neutral-toned decor and eye-catching Contemporary Furniture Designs? We do know that! Today, Boca do Lobo Blog bring you inspiration for every room with timeless pieces.

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contemporary - dark entryway with luxury furniture pieces with golden details

When you open the door to this house, you can easily guess that you are going to be in love, right? These dark walls and the marble floor are pure elegance and join marvellous golden details on the furniture pieces! Lapiaz Mirror by Boca do Lobo is a remarkable piece to start this journey.

Lapiaz Mirror

A functional artwork piece born from cold and freshly cracked to show off the world’s rich, golden details.

contemporary - luxury mirror with golden details
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contemporary - kitchen interior design

Meal time! A dreamy kitchen where you can start your day eating breakfast on sophisticated golden bar stools. Dark details bring industrial vibes to this contemporary kitchen design.

contemporary - luxury dining room with a contemporary suspension lamp

What an amazing dining room! Such a beautiful place to reunite with your favourite people, don’t you think? Simple, yet elegant, pieces like chairs and outstanding pieces like the dining table or, even more, Hera Round I Suspension Lamp, which gives us the perfect lighting design.

Hera Round I Suspension Lamp

The lighting fixture is moulded to resemble the features and look of a round golden branch.

contemporary - golden suspension lamp
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Soleil Chair

Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque du Soleil, the purpose is to invoke, provoke and evoke.

contemporary - nude chair with golden legs
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contemporary - luxury living room with a marble and golden center table and golden suspension lamp

A tempting living room that makes us feel like we should be resting on the sofa, nearby an amazing Navarra Center Table. This room achieves perfection with not one, but two Hera Round II Suspension Lamps!

Hera Round II Suspension Lamp

The lighting fixture is moulded to resemble the features and look of a round golden branch, with two different tiers with pendant lights hanging from a round structure.

contemporary - two round golden suspension lamp
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contemporary - luxury living room with marble and golden details, nude sofa and golden suspension lamp

Looks like a very comfy place to be!

Navarra Center Table

The design of Navarra Modern Center Table captures unique Spanish warmth and finest craftsmanship.

contemporary - marble and golden center table
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contemporary - luxury master bedroom with a dark headboard and golden details, white nightstand with golden details

Masterfully decorated, the master bedroom is a full-on luxury experience by the looks of it all. Sleek and highly modern, the arrangement and setting of the furniture were created to make the bedroom feel wider and calmer. Lapiaz Headboard and Nightstand starring in the bedroom is the ultimate detail.

Lapiaz Headboard

A new contemporary verve for comfortable and elegant bedrooms.

contemporary - dark headboard with golden details
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Lapiaz Nightstand

Resembling a freshly cracked stone, this luxury bedside table boasts a unique golden interior, capable of filling any room with energy and life.

contemporary - mirrored nightstand with golden
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contemporary - banner coffee tables
contemporary - master bedroom with closet, dark headboard with golden details

A made-of-glass wardrobe that makes anyone feel envy and you can’t deny it!

contemporary - golden fireplace

A fireplace in the bedroom is so romantic, isn’t it?

contemporary - dark luxury closet
contemporary - luxury bathroom with a mirrored washbasin with golden details

An outstanding bathroom design where the light marries perfectly with the furniture colours and designs.

contemporary - pixel washbasin with golden tones, round mirror with golden detail and light behind, boiserie technique

The real vision of luxury with this pixel washbasin and the round mirror with a light behind! Boiserie Technique is the detail that makes this ambience perfect!

contemporary - luxury office design with two armchairs with golden details and a bookcase behind
contemporary - luxury office design with a marble desk with golden details, two white armchairs with golden details

Nowadays it’s essential to have an office at home! Here you can work in an elegant and contemporary environment with statement pieces like Empire Desk and Nº11 Chair. Also, the bookcase with two Soleil Armchairs is the goal!

Soleil Armchair

Soft, sultry curves gently embrace the sitter in this elegant vintage and contemporary style armchair.

contemporary - nude sofa with golden details
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Empire Desk

An elegant writing desk built in marble with polished brass details.

contemporary - marble desk with golden details
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Nº11 Chair

A statement chair to enhance a glamorous experience and memorable moments.

contemporary - golden chair with black seat
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