Riyadh Exclusive Lifestyle: Architect Firms You Must Know

This Riyadh Architect Firm’s projects truly embrace the city’s exclusive lifestyle. Find out the best architect firms in Riyadh and be amazed and inspired by their projects.

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Dewan Architects

Dewan Architects has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s architectural and engineering design sector for almost three decades. This architect firm is recognized as a global multi-disciplinary practice and is ranked as one of the top architect firms regionally. Some of these architect firm best projects in Riyadh include Millenium Place, the Park Inn Hotel & Mall, and the Qurtobah Marriot Hotel.

Echo Architecture

Echo Architecture is with one of its offices in Riyadh and it provides its clients with excellent design and building solutions specializing in Retail and hospitality projects. In addition to their hospitality projects, this architect firm also has amazing projects for business parks, commercial residential compounds, and luxury residential projects. This architect firm projects in Riyadh include the Al Saedan Shopping Mall design, La Palma Leisure Center design, and the Bonga Café.

D&D Est.

D&D Est.  creates plans for luxury buildings and palaces and this architect firm has a special understanding of the world of architecture and the latest findings of design and decoration sciences in the world. This architect firm truly embraces Riyadh’s exclusive and luxury lifestyle in its designs.

Omrania Architects

Omrania Architects is based in Riyadh and it works with government entities, cultural institutions, private developers, and other organizations to design sustainable and contextual environments that enrich the quality of everyday life. This architect firm expertise includes urban planning and landscape design as well as architecture and interiors. This architect firm created projects like King Salman Park, the Tuwaiq Palace, and Arriyadh Metro Western Station.


C&P is an architect firm with a versatile team of architects, engineers, designers, and project managers. It develops a diverse range of designs and a wide range of buildings including hospitals, malls, hotels, restaurants, spas, corporate offices, city centers, and residential projects, as well as many agricultural and landscaping mega projects. Some of these architect firm projects include Ballan Comercial Tower, the AMC Cinemas, and Taqnia HQ.

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