A Remarkable and Irreverent Apartment, A Creation By Diff Studio

Irreverence and uniqueness are the two best words in the English language to describe this amazing interior design project by Diff Studio. This private apartment, in Italy, perfectly mixes up a modern design with an Italian luxe aesthetic without compromising the grandeur and elegance of the architectural structure.

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It was the beautiful old architecture of the space with a vaulted ceiling. Exactly It is determined the direction of future style.

Diff Studio

Vitaliy Yurov and Iryna Dzhemesiuk, the two Ukrainian interior designers behind the project, chose Boca do Lobo and other incredible brands to give shape to the client’s most demanding requests, never forgetting that “design is always a creative search for harmony”.

Respecting the individuality of the project, Diff Studio created an apartment in white tones, with gold and other vivid accents used in the different rooms, but never forgetting the functionality of the space.

Our goal is to make not just a beautiful picture but also a comfortable space for each specific customer considering his lifestyle, habits etc.

Diff Studio
Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


As the greeting card, this space shows personality, never forgetting its function. With an artsy look, in line with the tones of the project, the Diamond Gold Sideboard by Boca do Lobo, perfectly fits in the environment ­

The furniture of Boca do Lobo and partners brands fully match our idea. Unusual pieces of furniture are important elements of the composition and show the character of the owner.

Diff Studio
This bespoke unique piece inspired by the gothic furniture of the romantic period can take advantage of the power of imagination, prevision and escape, without forgetting its unique character.  A true masterpiece, that enriches the interior design.


Diamond Emerald by Boca do Lobo (the furniture design used in the interior design project is a custom version of this product)

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Living Room

Following the aesthetic of the previous rooms, the living room continues to be enhanced by white and gold hues, with some coloured details. The sculptured suspension lamps and the urban art on the mirror, make the client’s love for art very clear. The fireplace is a touch of Italian luxury and mixed with a contemporary bookcase, make the room feel cosier.

This living room is a good representation of the work of the two Ukrainian interior designers, their interiors are comfortable spaces with natural materials and well-designed details. Intriguing and contrasting shapes textures make this room is a perfect place to rest but also to socialize.

Dining Room

Different from the other rooms colour pallet, the dining room is covered in a dark red tone adding vividness to the space. With a floor covered in tiles and roman inspired painting, Art is always present, adding to the interior design a timeless and historical look. A room full of contrasts and disproportion, but results in a perfectly balanced dining room.

The gold suspension lamps, by Boca do Lobo’s partner brand, DelightFULL, make the connection to the aesthetic of the previous rooms.
A contemporary entryway with an exclusive sideboard



Diamond Bathtub

Following the language adopted by Diff Studio in this creation, the white marble, with touches of blue, black mixed with details of gold and silver, make this unique bathroom design luxurious and artistic.


Diamond Freestanding

With diamond-shaped furniture, by Maison Valentina, giving the bathroom an artistic look, the room is completed by the amazing and detailed Venice mirror by Boca do Lobo. Luxurious, bold and creative this intimate space of the modern apartment is a true jewel in the incredible Italian interior design by Diff Studio.

This creation stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye and represents Boca do Lobo’s ambition to bring value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design.


Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo

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