Boca do Lobo, a trend to follow

Another major highlight on Boca do Lobo’s amazing path! The prestigious trend forecasting agency NellyRodi considered once again, and for the fifth time, our brand a trend to follow by including the Marie Thérese mirror and Time Goes By Clock in its exhibition at Maison et Objet.

“Another major highlight on Boca do Lobo’s amazing path!”

Boca do Lobo’s clock and mirror are part of an exhibition entitled “Funt@sy” where the visitor can feel the energy of fantasy and good feelings through humor. “Style is thumbing its nose and the dogma of seriousness. A cunning maximalism is making life happier. On the entertainment menu: Humor, derision and quirkiness.”  This is how the trend agency sums up the exhibition, where pieces worked in the most astonishing ways, combinations we never would have thought of, the most irreverent concepts show us that we can and must dare to experiment new things in order to make life more cheerful, colorful, “funtastic” and stylish, all within the latest trends.

Vincent Grégoire, head of the lifestyle department at NellyRodi, described Boca do Lobo as a “very opened minded company” looking at “different directions”, last year at Maison et Objet. “You are what you do, we can feel it” added the trend expert, concluding the interview he gave us by emphasizing that “you help your costumers to reveal themselves and to take risks”. We couldn’t be prouder of Vincent Grégoire’s opinion, a most delightful recognition of our passionate work.

NellyRodi, a leader in international design styling and forecasting, was established in 1985 and consists of a cosmopolitan group of trendsetters, experts, researchers and thinkers who cover all fields of expertise and all the contemporary creative industries with insatiable curiosity to discover everything that is being created, emerging and happening around the world.

Stay tuned for the new interview with Vincent Grégoire in our Youtube Channel.

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