Boca do Lobo ’s Legacy Magazine: Discover This New Special Edition

Boca do Lobo‘s 2019 Special Designer’s Edition of Legacy is a design magazine that pays tribute to all groundbreaking, spirit-lifting and eye-opening designers, restless titans and emerging talents, wherever they are. As a Design & Craftsmanship Testimony, Legacy has a peculiar mission, to portray beauty how it is, for what it is, wherever and however you may encounter it, in the most unexpected or imperfect shapes and colors. You can download for free here!


Boca do Lobo ’s Legacy Magazine: Discover This New Special Edition


For this year’s edition, Boca do Lobo really wanted to make it more inspirational and special. Inspired by all the brands and aspects that make this design brand as unique as it is, moodboards are a really essential part to Boca do Lobo‘s endless creativity.

1. Shoes by Luis Onofre 2. Glance Mirror by Boca do Lobo 3. N11 Chair by Boca do Lobo 4. Shoes by Luis Onofre 5. Donald: The Book 6. Mini Fragrance Sticks by Rituals

1. Kinesis by llulian Luxury Rugs 2. Shoes by Luis Onofre 3. Caring Collection by Rituals 4. Chic Stays by Assouline 5. Naturofantastic Vase by Lladró 6. Once Upon a Time Cabinet by Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre

1. Maka by Illulian Luxury Rugs 2. Shoes by Luis Onofre 3. Diamond Sideboard by Boca do Lobo 4. Courting Cranes Sculpture by Lladró 5. Floris Prato Iris by Vista Alegre 6. Floris Prato Peónia by Vista Alegre

1. Ornellaia by Assouline 2. Mini Fragrance Sticks by Rituals 3. Primavera by Vista Alegre 4. Convex Metamorphosis by Boca do Lobo 5. Courting Cranes Sculpture by Lladró

1. Boca do Lobo’s Marie Antoinette mirror Restaurant 2. Shoes by Luis Onofre 3. Picassiete by Vista Alegre 4. Illulian Luxury Rugs 5. Paradise Vase Animal Life Figurine by Lladró

This new issue of Legacy is particularly dedicated to those who embrace carefree, joyful, sociable and unforgettable moments. In this edition, you will have the opportunity to be inspired by genially creative individuals like Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Humbert & Poyet, Luis Onofre, Vista Alegre and more talents that challenge the rules of classic design every day.


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Watch Winders Ebook	Boca do Lobo



Humbert & Poyet

Two architects, Emil Humbert, and Christophe Poyet joined forces to form Humbert & Poyet agency. The design and fashion enthusiasts decided to merge their skills to provide a full range of services from construction to interior design.

Florence-based luxury footwear brand Aquazzura opened its second boutique in Soho, the most fashionable district in New York. Located on 99th Prince Street, Aquazzura Soho is a boutique of 55 square meters with an original 19th-century façade. Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet pictured this space as a theatrical setting, combining striking graphics and elegant design elements.

Humbert & Poyet’s Aquazzura Soho boutique is a unique and poetic creation, made with materials that elegantly complement one another. It is a place where the reflections and matte textures of the materials intertwine and highlight the products, making everyone and everything part of the theatrical atmosphere.

Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet pictured this space as a theatrical setting, combining striking graphics and elegant design elements. The deep shades of blue, green, purple and pink inspired by the color pallet Dorothy Draper, allow the grand columns and arches to stand out and add to the enchanting, theatrical motif of the luxurious boutique.





Luís Onofre

Luís Onofre shoe inspired by Boca do Lobo’s Lapiaz collection

Being the versatile brand, that Boca do Lobo is, it’s only logical that the brand keeps searching for more presence in the world of design. Art and design are a divine combination, and the eagerness of the design brand to improve, evoke and provoke new sensations to its avid lovers, goes beyond expectations.

Luís Onofre during Portugal Fashion

Glamour, sophistication, and elegance are present in every a single step of both Portuguese brands. After the one for the experience of the books, Boca do Lobo and Luís Onofre continue delivering to the soaring expectations in the world of design. Successfully following the trends and the expectations that come with it, both brands continue presenting timeless myriads of wonderment that thrive throughout the entire year.


Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a multi-award-winning Los Angeles-based interior designer renowned for his broad range of styles and eclectic, yet sophisticated and inviting interiors. Martyn has been consistently named as one of the world’s top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest, featured permanently in Elle Décor’s A-List, and named one of the top 25 designers by The Hollywood Reporter.

Martyn’s most recent accolade is the Hotel Californian: a new luxury destination born on the ‘American Riviera’, a tribute to the glamorous new era emerging in downtown Santa Barbara, which Martyn has designed with Mediterranean influences and sultry and intricate Moroccan details.

A blend of luxury, nostalgia, and accessibility, Hotel Californian’s striking Spanish Colonial Revival architecture stands a stone’s throw away from the beach. Martyn has curated an inviting and modern interior that responds to the unique style and character of Santa Barbara

The hotel’s Spa Marjorelle has been named after a distinctly Moroccan blue found in the traditional tiles, windows, and doorways of Marrakech, which evokes a sense of active tranquillity. The use of this blue in abundance creates a tranquil spa and this serenity is enhanced by the Moorish chandeliers.




A Lovely Weekend Guide Curated By Creatives

Boca do Lobo‘s biggest challenge is to create stories that naturally captivate our readers and take them into all the ateliers, cities, galleries that we visit. Our content is created by joining fragments of human interactions with living materials. We witness the most intimate and unique form of a dialog between the creator with the product.

With the mindset that an art lover, interior design or creator seeks inspiration on every corner of the world, Boca do Lobo has gathered a list of the best restaurants, places to visit and iconic places to see with the promising that these picked choices are the best of the best, design-wise. A list for three days of the week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, carefully thought for those long weekends that everyone loves to go on a little getaway.

MILAN (Friday)

There is always something going on in Milan, whether it’s another design event or the iconic Fashion Week. Known as the country’s capital of design, it is only logical that you will most likely find peculiar buildings, exquisite
art galleries, and its streets are filled with upscale restaurants. For Friday, these were the places thought of:

Must Visit: Fondazione Prada

Largo Isarco, 2, 20139 Milano

Comprising mostly of works from the 20th and 21st centuries, this is a great place to visit in case you’re searching for art exhibitions from great contemporary artists.

Must Eat: Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Bosco Verticale, 20124 Milano

This two Michelin star restaurant has an outstanding contemporary vibe. Decorated with just a few colorful canvases, the rest of the interior is very minimal but still extremely stylish.

Must See: Bosco Verticale

Bosco Verticale, 20124 Milano

A high-rise pair of apartment buildings in Porta Nuova, that feature balcony overflowing with thousands of trees, shrubs, and plants.

Did you get curious about the Design Passport plan we have prepared for you? There is also a Design Guide for Copenhagen, Berlin, New York, and London for the days Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Find the full download of this Design Passport for these iconic cities here!



She is the synonym of freshness, joyful and contemporary interiors. Ashley Stark takes you daily through her account into an endless journey of eclectic, unique and extraordinary ideas of design inspirations. We love Ashley not just for being the third generation of the iconic Stark Carpet company, and currently the Creative Director of the Stark Studio brand. We love her for her unique sense of aesthetic that gave her over 600K of passionate followers on Instagram, that happily cherish her inputs and advice on the interior world. Find more stories about other social media influencers on here!





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Cabinets GIF Boca do Lobo



Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre


Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre

When the finest craftsmanship and the best of contemporary design hold hands, breathtaking art pieces like Once Upon a Time are born.

Made out of 1090 triangles, the upper part of the Once Upon a Time plays with perception and combines exquisite hand-painted porcelain inspired by the oriental vibe. It is crafted with precious floral and colorful details, a garden full of Paeonia flowers, where mythic Chinese birds live.

Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre

Legacy is what ties us to Boca do Lobo‘s history, in a world where digitized and mechanized fabrication has become more sophisticated. Just like the process of craftsmanship and creative thinking, through our content we try to slow everything down…so breathe in, relax and enjoy the beauty of each story here.


With a forward-thinking aesthetic and 50 hours of hard-work, breathtaking metal flowers were manually sculpted and applied in the brass sculpture of the original Erosion stool, from Boca do Lobo collection. This new narrative of subtle glamour told by Mr. Abreu, a goldsmith with more than 40 years mastering metal work, which has created objets d’art that straddle the line between the fine and decorative arts.

Osmosi by Emmanuel Bladed

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