Discover the Limited Edition Collection by Boca do Lobo

Limited Edition, a journey through rare materials combined in a way you have never seen before – a precious legacy distinguished by a collection of timeless masterpieces. Get inspired by timeless skills and exceptional craftsmanship.

The Limited Edition Collection results from years of continuous development and investment in the refinement of techniques and the expansion of functionality.



As Boca do Lobo’s most exclusive collection, each piece is given special attention throughout all manufacturing processes, most of which involve a high degree of manual labor on behalf of our master artisans, and traditional artisan crafts and expertise to complete.



This not only guarantees the highest quality but also attributes a status and sense of singularity to each design, as no two final pieces will be exactly the same.



Considered a sensational collection of furniture, the Limited Edition is composed of pieces with distinct personalities, which pass on uniqueness and exclusivity. They never cease to surprise or go unnoticed.



Through a series of unique and striking decorative pieces, this collection pays tribute to the exquisite art of the hand-made, showcasing  the cooperative relationships that exists among art, design and artistic crafts on the one hand, and the designers who conceives the idea as well as the artisan who materially interprets it, on the other.

A passionate advocate of fine craftsmanship and heritage itself, Boca do Lobo Studio strives towards designing and creating pieces which demonstrate the  excellence of forgotten arts, using materials and techniques that is partly traditional and partly evolutionary and experimental

Discover the Limited Edition Collection by Boca do Lobo Discover the Limited Edition Collection by Boca do Lobo Discover the Limited Edition Collection by Boca do Lobo


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