Maison et Objet – Boca do Lobo Teams Up With SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG

For this edition of Maison et Objet, Boca do Lobo will team up with SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG porcelain brand, strengthening unique craftsmanship and the charism of exclusive manufacturing that make both brands stand out from the ordinary.


Since 1747 the name FÜRSTENBERG has stood for unique craftsmanship and exclusive manufacturer’s porcelain.


Over the course of time, renowned designers, modellers and porcelain painters have shaped the history of the manufactory founded by Duke Carl I. of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel. Let´s take a look at some of the most emblematic collections of this brand!


Maison et Objet - Boca do Lobo Teams Up With FÜRSTENBERG Porzellan

Graceful and enticing – the new tumblers in the “Sip of Gold” collection combine gleaming
precious metal, jet black and pure white in four sensuous decors: graphic stars or dots, a
crystalline diamond pattern and striking check. The goblets are just as appealing to drink from as they are to look at: delicate and wafer-thin, with a wall thickness of around two millimetres, they sit lightly and elegantly in the hand. If you fill the tumblers with sparkling drinks, the light is reflected hundreds of times, creating the impression of liquid gold.

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Michael Sieger drew his inspiration for these exceptional drinking vessels from a classic silver goblet that he was given as a gift by his wife and muse, Bettina. The antique tumbler quickly became his personal favorite piece, and he created the “Sip of Gold” collection (2005) as a modern adaptation of the design.


Maison et Objet - Boca do Lobo Teams Up With FÜRSTENBERG Porzellan

Prometheus, the legendary hero from Greek mythology, lends his name to the new ice bucket from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG. The heroic Titan was regarded as a friend and benefactor of humanity, bringing them the gift of fire and courageously defending them. This sculptural porcelain objects is also a charismatic protector. Sturdy and impressive to behold, it stands guard over its contents – whether that be pure ice or a good bottle of wine.  Prometheus is made entirely by hand to the highest standards of quality and is available with gleaming white and 24-carat gold interiors.

SEVEN – JUST 7 THINGS YOU NEED!Maison et Objet - Boca do Lobo Teams Up With FÜRSTENBERG Porzellan

Maison et Objet - Boca do Lobo Teams Up With FÜRSTENBERG PorzellanSimple, beautiful and carefree – the new SEVEN dining service encompasses just seven
different pieces, each of which exudes a gentle lightness thanks to their pure, archetypical
forms. At the same time, each product can be virtually used in any number of different ways and combinations. This minimalism with maximum universal style, the charming pattern concept with satin-matt surfaces, and the extraordinary quality of handcrafted porcelain make Michael Sieger’s SEVEN unique – and a confident trendsetter!

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SEVEN is for those who consciously choose to own fewer things – because they have to be flexible in their career and move house often, for example, or because they want to redefine their own style for living. The dining service is perfectly in line with changes in society.


Maison et Objet - Boca do Lobo Teams Up With FÜRSTENBERG Porzellan

Powdery white with a feel of cashmere – the sparkling wine cooler Faces and the fragrance vase Scent of a Muse are now available with a satin-matt surface. This allows the feminine features of the sculptures and seductive objects to be even more striking. They complement the charming Objects to a muse collection, which is dedicated to the designer Michael Sieger’s wife and muse.


Enriching life with beautiful objects and individual touches is both the driving force and passion of the Sieger brothers. From the wafer-thin SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG porcelain products through to the life-affirming SIEGER fashion collections, the brand is characterized by its willingness to use surprising colours and forms and its ever-impressive functionality.


The designs in the collection reflect a land with a rich culture and glorious coastal resorts. There are architectural-style patterns inspired by geometric tiles and ornamental mosaics. The traditional ikat weaving technique, in which yarn is dyed in bundles, has been used to create fabrics with jagged, gently shimmering lines. sieger-fashion_2

With sun, sea and sand, a joyful summer mood is guaranteed. Add a multifaceted culture to the mix, and you get a perfect holiday destination and a rich source of inspiration. Estrela, the 2017 spring/summer collection from SIEGER, was inspired by Portugal in all its diversity. The highly varied range for men and women comprises waistcoats, ties, bow ties, pochettes, scarfs, shawls, belts, buckles and tunics.


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