Symphony Sideboard at Christie’s – The Logbook

Back in April, Marco Costa and I were discussing different ideas for projects that Boca do Lobo had never taken on or pursued. As we’re going through some of Marco’s sketches over lunch, I ask him “What do you do with your prototype pieces? People love prototypes, and seeing the evolution that design pieces undergo before they become ready for release.” Marco pauses, it’s clear that he’s started thinking hard about something. He then continues, and explains that prototypes serve different purposes, either as reference pieces at the workshop, or for photo shoots, and so on.
“You know, we have often thought about having a piece auctioned. Can you imagine it? That is where we want to go, towards a world were design pieces in their raw form can be fully appreciated.”

A week later, we sit down for lunch. I’m excited to show him some of the research I did on auction houses in London. At this point, I understand that Marco had also done his homework – “And I’ve got just the piece it too! What do you think of the Symphony Sideboard? We have a first edition here!”

Here’s a little background on the Symphony Sideboard:


Designed in 2011 by Marco and Diogo Carvalho, the Symphony Sideboard draws inspiration from church organ tubes, as well as the curves of violin. It reflects the designer’s passion for music and metalwork, and the extensive research carried out during its development process. This limited piece was purchased in 2012 by Janet Morais, a well established North American Interior Designer, were it remained in her collection until earlier this year. 
Currently, there are only eight of twenty Symphony Sideboard’s in existence, all of which are spread out in different continents. It goes without saying that one of the eight models was commissioned for the Fifty Shades of Grey blockbuster, where it was featured in Christian Grey’s apartment.

I send Celia Harvey, Christie’s Furniture and Clocks Specialist, an email with our idea and a brief proposition, having attempted the same with a few other contacts I had gathered. Shortly after I received an email back from Celia. She liked the Symphony, and its story. The auction was on!

Symphony Sideboard at Christie's - The logbook
Fast forward a few weeks to August, and the piece arrives at 85 Old Brompton, Christie’s London Showroom. As the first Symphony to be publicly exhibited in London, it attracted several Boca do Lobo followers. The auction,  held tomorrow – the 10th of September – under the Out of the Ordinary category, will be attended by Boca do Lobo’s designers, Marco and João, who are in London for the upcoming Design Festival. A perfect opportunity to meet Boca do Lobo’s creative director and see the first-edition of the emblematic piece, along side of over 150 other brilliant art and design pieces.

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